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The Graham Norton Show
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NickyDaNickname 6 minutos atrás
As much as I love some of his films I gotta call BS on the actually flying the fighter planes cos a there is no way in hell the Navy is gonna let someone with little to know experience (even with training) take out a 38 Million dollar piece of equipment for the sake of filming nor is the studio gonna pay for the years of training and experience it would take to fly it in a film choreographed fashion. I'm sure they might let him in the plane in flight in the second seat but no way he's the pilot.
Ducky Fam TV
Ducky Fam TV 33 minutos atrás
Okay friend, she didn’t mean outbid if someone like Brad Pitt bids
T V 34 minutos atrás
You should all look up Charlie Hunnam’s. Probably my favourite red chair moment.
BlckCloud73 44 minutos atrás
I want to know how Johnny Depp trimmed his mustache like that....Looks good!
freddy chavez
freddy chavez 45 minutos atrás
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Dr. Killson
Dr. Killson 51 minuto atrás
So in order 1:furry 2:furry but a rebel 3:honeymooners house wife 4:Step on me
Robert Lofrano
Robert Lofrano 55 minutos atrás
Gloria looks like she is having a great time🤪
Dr. Killson
Dr. Killson 55 minutos atrás
Caaaaan yooou feeeeeel the love tooooo niiiiight
SCHRUTE Farmzz Hora atrás
America needs to take notes I’m so grateful he’s on BRdesk
Aaron Murray
Aaron Murray Hora atrás
Actually they do have a backstory as to why no one recognises Clark Kent with the glasses. Turns out he wears Kryptonite laced glasses where he focuses a hypno beam through them to disguise his identity to everyone he meets. The glasses are not just a disguise but a tool to conceal his identity. (Mentioned in the comic, SUPERMAN #330)
vardges arsenyan
vardges arsenyan Hora atrás
The Duke of Edinburgh was a savage he made remarks like that all the time
Chuck Ng
Chuck Ng Hora atrás
If Graham hosted the Oscars, he might invite the audience up on stage for a chat. That would be a nice change.
Josephc765 Williams86**
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Daniel Kim
Daniel Kim Hora atrás
aww.. it's ms. fidderer
blacksmoke3113 Hora atrás
My car broke down once, I work pretty far from home, so a coworker dropped me off at a grocery store between work and my house that didnt make him go out his way, I would sit outside and wait for my ride. A nice gentleman walked up and gave me 10 dollars and said god bless. I about died. I work in a metal machining shop as a welder, I was probably filthy in his eyes and looked homeless I guess. I gave him the money back and explained and we had a good laugh. I still felt embarrassed.
me myself and I
me myself and I 2 horas atrás
here is something I don't understand.....after Luke was on the ship and got his new hand he said "father" and there were others around....
SCHRUTE Farmzz 2 horas atrás
I’ve been in the graham Norton loop for 7 hours now, and I’m stoping anytime soon
Rolene 2 horas atrás
I always enjoy watching this show , he has a lot of interesting actors on his shows , I loved them all
Felicia Cushingberry
Felicia Cushingberry 2 horas atrás
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Dara 2 horas atrás
Am I the only one that finds this cringe?
Isaac Goad
Isaac Goad 3 horas atrás
10:54 - 10:56 😂😂 best part of the whole video! “OH DEAR!”
Tara Tara
Tara Tara 3 horas atrás
He's so adorable. 😊
Laura Shadforth
Laura Shadforth 3 horas atrás
They need to make a reality show where the flat earthers win a million dollars if they find the end of the world
L L 3 horas atrás
Why have I watched this 10 times???! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
abigail 3 horas atrás
god i love them so much
ASIX 3 horas atrás
What movie is this?
Travis Collins
Travis Collins 3 horas atrás
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Harderson d.brenday
Harderson d.brenday 3 horas atrás
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_anoja31_ 4 horas atrás
The best of Tom is all of the Tom content ;-;
Evelyn De La Rosa
Evelyn De La Rosa 4 horas atrás
Sia's Laughter❤️❤️😂😂😂
Fr34k1ng0ut 4 horas atrás
His mother is TINY, how would the pants even fit? :D
Marketing4me1965 4 horas atrás
De Niro is a perfect example of how an actor shouldn't act outside of acting. He's loaded with hate!
Jinx Itty
Jinx Itty 4 horas atrás
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jack rosado
jack rosado 4 horas atrás
Darryl Jackson
Darryl Jackson 4 horas atrás
Why does Ben looks broken and worn down
Gio J. Calixx
Gio J. Calixx 4 horas atrás
Donald is Trump.
ibra 08
ibra 08 4 horas atrás
I really like James, but I don't understand a thing he says
nijae ricuu
nijae ricuu 4 horas atrás
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Tatiany Martins
Tatiany Martins 4 horas atrás
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BeeCee 4 horas atrás
All these stories, you would almost think it was real.... Almost.
ky guyk
ky guyk 4 horas atrás
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Betty Mooney
Betty Mooney 4 horas atrás
I can't watch Robin Williams without pity, I see him so differently now. So sad
Sam Primera
Sam Primera 5 horas atrás
I love him.He has such a dry wit you can't tell if he's joking.
Sobha Samia
Sobha Samia 5 horas atrás
Sir David is such a sport ❤️ and jolly human being.
Istvan Papp
Istvan Papp 5 horas atrás
c'mon, I am from Hungary and I can understand her, no probs
AllieBow 5 horas atrás
Love him. Love Hamilton. Emily is so charming
Mike Matthews
Mike Matthews 5 horas atrás
John cena
Nihal Rai
Nihal Rai 5 horas atrás
Va fa Napoli.
Lesha 5 horas atrás
Oh the shade for poor old New Zealand lol
interghost 5 horas atrás
Not sure who Allison Janney is but she really does think she was better than everyone else on that couch!
andsowot 5 horas atrás
Jamie Oliver is a questioning person...
Cholatep Nabangchang
Cholatep Nabangchang 5 horas atrás
Taylor's shifting positions on the couch can probably be used in a CIA class on body language or something.
inlak ech
inlak ech 6 horas atrás
i just see 2 legends and listen to them, and my day is fine again!
John Micheal Kane
John Micheal Kane 6 horas atrás
The eye goes to Goldblum.
Иван Петров
Иван Петров 6 horas atrás
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M.Bilal Khan
M.Bilal Khan 6 horas atrás
It was going so good xD until the last clip, she was so selfish -_-
Zconnelly Lonny
Zconnelly Lonny 6 horas atrás
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21whichiswhich 6 horas atrás
RM accent from country to country is kicking.
shanuka dissanayake
shanuka dissanayake 7 horas atrás
pls do show with ZAYN ,plsss , need interview with ZAYN
chernika 7 horas atrás
This. Is. Beyond. Adorable!
no no
no no 7 horas atrás
this guy is so good, he should be in star wars
shedskin01 7 horas atrás
This man can read the phone book and make it sound poetic and beautiful!
Catman 7 horas atrás
her reaction to what he said was hilarious xD
Crew Drake
Crew Drake 7 horas atrás
Interesting, Tom Cruise needs to be reported to the FAA if his passenger is not equipped with a parachute while doing inverted maneuvers.
Observing nature
Observing nature 7 horas atrás
Love her from English pacient
Suman Das
Suman Das 7 horas atrás
I am Groot
I am Groot 7 horas atrás
Tom did perfect impressions of all of the characters... BUT... F'up Deniro 😭
BeediGaming 7 horas atrás
he came here for the bloodyRum
BalorKlub 8 horas atrás
Fun fact: It will actually be 20 years since the release this November on the 16th, so 5 months exactly from today 16/06/2021 🎉🎉🎉
ab prathap
ab prathap 8 horas atrás
Let's touch eyeballs😂
Andrew Middleton
Andrew Middleton 8 horas atrás
Her slightly smoky voice makes me think of Linda Fiorentino
Edward89 8 horas atrás
She is not
Thomas Bergqvist
Thomas Bergqvist 8 horas atrás
she thinks ... well every man is a pigeon...
Amal M.E
Amal M.E 8 horas atrás
CoSmic Muse
CoSmic Muse 8 horas atrás
Anne Hathway was really enjoying this ahaha ❤️
mrawesomelemons 8 horas atrás
10:53 is just legendary.