David Schwimmer Talks About The Friends Reunion! | The Graham Norton Show 

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David Schwimmer is off to FINALLY film the Friends reunion!

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2 Abr 2021



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Syed Saifuddin
Syed Saifuddin 13 dias atrás
The one with the reunion
INGSOC 18 dias atrás
I just want David and Jennifer to get together, they are both single, so why not give it a shot.
Vai Lá Fã do RBD
Vai Lá Fã do RBD 22 dias atrás
Como eu queria isso pr o RBD! Seria o reencontro perfeito!
J0SHUA THE GREEK FAN 22 dias atrás
When everyone's told me I'm a shoe I'm a shoe I'm a shoe I don't want to be a shoe; I want to be a purse, or a hat It's a metaphor, daddy!
Thomas Morgenstern
Thomas Morgenstern 23 dias atrás
Asliceofpais 24 dias atrás
Better they did a TV movie of how the characters are doing. Though love to see the reunion!
R 24 dias atrás
David is such a fantastic actor. Whatever role he takes up, its like hes that person. Imagine ross and kardashian...completely different!! Even his little video on sexual harrassment...hes so creepy ,its insane!
Spaceman 26 dias atrás
Sad it's not in characther
Ravi Agarwal
Ravi Agarwal 27 dias atrás
I guess after hundreds of years people of this world won't be able to feel what we experienced while watching friends (and few other great shows). Perhaps even the current generation (especially those born after Friends ended) can't imagine the feeling.
Pahari Bihari
Pahari Bihari 28 dias atrás
This sucks man i want Ross back
Domihork 29 dias atrás
Oh god... They had the perfect opportunity to make an episode, starting with the birthday video for Emma (which she was supposed to watch in 2020). And nothing?!
awh may gawd 🙌🏽
Emre Öz
Emre Öz Mês atrás
Gregory Ross
Gregory Ross Mês atrás
Just hearing this just fills me with so much joy
Doshi Mês atrás
he just said we do read something, i think they will play there characters for a short scene! omg
acolon0027 Mês atrás
I hate these reunion type things. To me is not worth the hype. What the people want is a 1 hour special of how they are doing or 4 hour special like Gilmore Girls did.
Anna libar
Anna libar Mês atrás
Finally cannot wait !!!! Still watch the reruns 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Just a Normal Human
I'm a simple guy. I see friends reunion, I click.
Jamie Lyne
Jamie Lyne Mês atrás
Just found out about it today and lost instest init today lol
Giorgio RevolveR
Giorgio RevolveR Mês atrás
Joshua Lopez
Joshua Lopez Mês atrás
Amit Kumar
Amit Kumar Mês atrás
Anyone here after the teaser of Friends reunion..😁
Ninja Squad
Ninja Squad Mês atrás
His voice hasn't changed in those years🤣
Rosie Mês atrás
I've been binging friends, can't wait for reunion 🙂
Настя Мовчан
rannierunsfast Mês atrás
I'm the only person I know who has Ross as his favorite character lol
Caren Jose
Caren Jose Mês atrás
Daniel Bell
Daniel Bell Mês atrás
Will you be yourself or will you be Ross? What’s the difference? 🤷🏻‍♂️
Javi del Val
Javi del Val Mês atrás
mehh so they're just gonna sit and talk about it 😕
Ken Ek
Ken Ek Mês atrás
I'm genuinely surprised that people are expecting the friends reunion to be scripted. Call me crazy but after all these years, having them come back and try to create another ep just wouldn't work. It would either be somewhat outdated or they'd relate it to nowadays and people would complain either way. But having the entire cast come together to talk about the legacy of the show, catch up, spill bts tea and possibly have a read through of a scene or two sounds like a dream to me
BB 10
BB 10 Mês atrás
see, 20th years afte edition
Re Mi
Re Mi Mês atrás
WHEN is this reunion finally coming???
Sarmatae1 Mês atrás
My cat just had a litter of kittens. 6 of them; 3 boys and 3 girls. One guess what their names are.
BillyDeLacey Mês atrás
That’s stupid. Nobody wants a “Friends cast and crew” reunion, they want a scripted FRIENDS reunion. If we just wanted to know what the actors have been up to lately, we’d watch TMZ.
Aditya Sharma
Aditya Sharma Mês atrás
I'm waiting for his 'Hi!'
AKARSH Mês atrás
He is ross Geller in real life!
Ethan Claridge
Ethan Claridge Mês atrás
It won’t be an episode?
ALI G Mês atrás
Whhhy god Whhhyyyy we had a deal let them play their character 😭😭 !!
FG Connolly
FG Connolly Mês atrás
it sounds like this reunion will be awful
Ghaffar_KH Mês atrás
Shaheen Musthafa
Shaheen Musthafa Mês atrás
I bet they are gonna use the old clips to make us cry
GamingFreak Mês atrás
You could say they were on a break
Ren Veteran
Ren Veteran Mês atrás
Disappointing man..... not in Characters!
Joey Tribbiani
Joey Tribbiani Mês atrás
I wish the corona was over and the Friends shooting continued.
OLegendStudios - Pranks / Nerf Wars
Why can't they do a special episode in this age. Fans would love it no matter what
I feel like he’s aged the best out of all the friends. He’s barely changed.
Kabz Mês atrás
i hope its close to as good as the fresh prince one. that was amazing
Nathan Hodgson
Nathan Hodgson 2 meses atrás
Oh I thought it would be a one off special but if it’s just the cast reuniting I’m okay lol
I Was A Girl In Eldia Doing Alright
oh wow lol
Maddy Wible
Maddy Wible 2 meses atrás
scripted or not i don’t care i’m so excited, i’ve been waiting for this moment since highschool, after i’ve watched every episode, every interview, behind the scenes and blooper reel 1,000 times i can’t wait to see something NEW!!!
Piyush Dhamecha
Piyush Dhamecha 2 meses atrás
I've reached season 8 hope I watch all rest of episodes and then reunion too.
Barbie Liu
Barbie Liu 2 meses atrás
Uhh. It would be more interesting 6 of them get into their character to film a reunion episode. 😐
JAbot 2 meses atrás
Could I be anymore excited 😛
Aaron Kidd
Aaron Kidd 2 meses atrás
It’s been on tv every fffff day past 17 years
Aaron Kidd
Aaron Kidd 2 meses atrás
Ross ter fer
Madashell1200 2 meses atrás
I don't want them to be themselves I want them to be the people I like
Lee Bentley
Lee Bentley 2 meses atrás
Friends was for 12yr old kiddie schoolgirls and morons,Frasier was for intellects and grown ups.
Soumaia Gouta
Soumaia Gouta 2 meses atrás
After I heard the news , I went and played a friends song and I started dancing crazy
Fatima 2 meses atrás
Oh gosh he spoke normal, he didn't speak slowly 😳😂😂😂😂
Zero Tanzanite
Zero Tanzanite 2 meses atrás
cant waiiiit to see them back in friends
Keerthi Murali
Keerthi Murali 2 meses atrás
They'll be reading something??? Well, I hope Rachel writes it. 😂 All pages "FRONT and BACK"!
Leena Jaleel
Leena Jaleel 2 meses atrás
Character will be better 😭
The Captaman
The Captaman 2 meses atrás
So it's basically an interview of the friends cast..... 😩
S M 2 meses atrás
That’s kinda crappy. They could of just done a cast interview instead. Wanted to actually see the ‘Friends’
Влад Парамонов
Cartoon Entertainment
Cartoon Entertainment 2 meses atrás
I still watch friends until now.
Ananda Pamungkas
Ananda Pamungkas 2 meses atrás
Easy Company reunion? 🤣
panos4800 2 meses atrás
They will not be in character? I feel so empty right now😂
Avishka Ravindu
Avishka Ravindu 2 meses atrás
Yaksh Mehta
Yaksh Mehta 2 meses atrás
When is it
John Johnson
John Johnson 2 meses atrás
A pointless and brain dead show only one went somewhere
daaj razgul
daaj razgul 2 meses atrás
So it's just some actors getting together to reminisce about old times. Nothing too exciting. Not for me anyway.
Elisa Arévalo
Elisa Arévalo 2 meses atrás
Someone tell Friends' actors that- even if they can't believe it- the show is really valuable . I learned a lot of english because of them♡♡we never want it to be extinct ♡♡
A G 2 meses atrás
I never noticed that he looks a bit like Dustin Hoffman when he smiles!
Harsh 2 meses atrás
Ooo look it's the Dinosaur guy!!!
rinkon aowal
rinkon aowal 2 meses atrás
"we all read something" - i bet it's a play written by Joey
Sandhya Bhalerao
Sandhya Bhalerao 2 meses atrás
Written by a handsome guy in 5 minutes..😂
Vanshika Shah
Vanshika Shah 2 meses atrás
Omfggggg !!!! Finally 😎 yayayayay🥺💓💓
Aryan Xrestha
Aryan Xrestha 2 meses atrás
IT WONT BE SCRIPTED :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((
Pink Galaxy
Pink Galaxy 2 meses atrás
Somthing great n gud to c in ths pandemic season
Pink Galaxy
Pink Galaxy 2 meses atrás
Waiiiiiiitinng. I just loooooove it❤️
Pink Galaxy
Pink Galaxy 2 meses atrás
Petros Cons
Petros Cons 2 meses atrás
ava 2 meses atrás
no one likes friends more than me...
fridz66 2 meses atrás
He looks pretty much the same, just a little bit puffy on the cheeks, which looks healthy.
Rebecca Shuman
Rebecca Shuman 2 meses atrás
Ross is a funny guy. He makes me laugh ginormous amounts. How exciting. A FRIENDS REUNION 2021. Wicked awesome
Hasitha Ekanayake
Hasitha Ekanayake 2 meses atrás
Wooo hoooooo
okayokayokay 2 meses atrás
1.21 'I should have been doing that ...but WE WHERE ON A BREEEEAAAAAKKKKK!!'
Mr. Creativni
Mr. Creativni 2 meses atrás
*Im hoping it to be similar like they did with Will and Grace. Everything else would be wrong..*
Genelia Vijay
Genelia Vijay 2 meses atrás
Exciting!! But wish they were in character!
Curt Bradley
Curt Bradley 2 meses atrás
WHY ?? Please , explain ? LIKE the World doesnt have more PRESSING URGENT ISSUES ??WAKE UP PEOPLE !! Step away from your TV for starters !! DAM IT !! ACTORS AND ACTRESSES NEED MORE self promotion and cash ??while people are dying ,starving ,and losing their businesses ,jobs ...??? SHAME SHAME SHAME !!
rich aiki
rich aiki 2 meses atrás
friends reunion sounds rubbish. only be Good if they acted at least a couple of scene's .
PerfectlyXpisces 2 meses atrás
Miss chandanler bong?
Dreamcatcher Design Tshirts Hoodies Leggins Pillows
It should be scripted, not just show...
krstqn 2 meses atrás
You need 5 days to watch the entire show? What is this - amateur hour?
Rishit Chib
Rishit Chib 2 meses atrás
David: we will not be in character Matthew perry: oh we'll see about that Mr. Divorce club president
toronto daddy
toronto daddy 2 meses atrás
Hated that show. Increased feminine men and white privilege. More testosterone in the ladies than the lads
Denisa Zapletalová
Denisa Zapletalová 2 meses atrás
I can not wait for the reunion! I know I may be one in a million but I am actually really glad it won´t be like real Friends 17/18 years later.. I am sure we all have our own version how it should look like and there is no way they would all make us happy with a new episode. Also... I am still a bit bitter about the Gilmore girls A Year in life. That was literally a piece of s*it and I really like to pretend it doesn´t even exist. I am glad they will do a catch up, to give us something, instead of a new episode to risk it will be as bad as the GG were...
Mani S
Mani S 2 meses atrás
Can't wait!
Afonso 2 meses atrás
I'm not okay
HariKrish Games
HariKrish Games 2 meses atrás
Ross, love from india,we want #friends against ❤️
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