John Bishop Broke Doctor Who's Cardinal Rule | The Graham Norton Show 

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John Bishop reveals that his new Doctor Who character is from Liverpool!

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16 Abr 2021



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Jay ••
Jay •• 14 dias atrás
Shonok Rohan
Shonok Rohan Mês atrás
daddy Fitch
Peter O'Toole
Peter O'Toole Mês atrás
he is Roger Daltrey's twin
Mattias Jansson
Mattias Jansson Mês atrás
My gut tells me Tom Cruise fancies John Bishop. Roughly the same age, ruggedly handsome, funny as we all know.
Stewart Grindlay
Stewart Grindlay Mês atrás
Bish is so so flipping funny
Kabamaru Iga No
Kabamaru Iga No Mês atrás
This guy is naturally funny. He’s a great guest every time.
Sheila R
Sheila R Mês atrás
I have such a crush on John Bishop. Ever since he was on with Nicki Minaj. 😍
harry hill
harry hill Mês atrás
Dr Roo..the time travelling marsupial.
chris4072511 Mês atrás
Dochhture Oooo
Bun Mês atrás
I could listen to him taking to me with that accent for hours, and my cheeks will cramp from smiling ear to ear. He's a funny and brilliant man.
Next up: John Bishop mentions that he's playing Dan in S13 and the BBC go SPOILERS!!!!
AdditionAddict Mês atrás
He sounds like he’s from the North. Plenty of planets have a north though.
Mr Imperium
Mr Imperium Mês atrás
I bet John Bishops companion is actually the Master! (Unless that other one hasn’t died yet, I still haven’t finished that awful episode in the hotel with cat people)
jack Smith
jack Smith Mês atrás
what about john Bishop's accent, is it irish or scotish? very funny but I do prefer american english
jack Smith
jack Smith Mês atrás
what about john Bishop's accent, is it irish or scotish? very funny but I do prefer american english
Annette Kleynhans
Annette Kleynhans 2 meses atrás
John Bishop ..... wow really love the look , the accent!! More like you in Liverpool 😇
Hanora Brennan
Hanora Brennan 2 meses atrás
Bishop displaying nifty threads here! Handsome fecker!
David Ching
David Ching 2 meses atrás
Ak47 2 meses atrás
love the accent
Elizabeth Queen
Elizabeth Queen 2 meses atrás
I love yoy from Iraq. 💋😘
Chris Wyatt
Chris Wyatt 2 meses atrás
Shame doctor who is trash now, would have been better if john was on a couple years earlier with matt or Peter
Jake Oliver
Jake Oliver Mês atrás
@Chris Wyatt I’m aware. And I’m saying whatever your opinion on the quality, it’s having no affect on the shows success
Chris Wyatt
Chris Wyatt 2 meses atrás
@Jake Oliver i said the quality of the show as in the writing, i wasn't taking about views and streams
Jake Oliver
Jake Oliver 2 meses atrás
Well it’s still doing well for the bbc given streaming success so I’ll start to worry when the show actually gets affected
v l
v l 2 meses atrás
Its funny how all the three guests have prominent teeth, such a coincidence
The BatFan (formally, The Zombie Slayer)
0:21 that really feels right out of those deep fake videos 😂🤣
KAUSTAV SAHU 2 meses atrás
Whenever I hear these accent, I feel like John Constantine is talking
Alpha Angelo
Alpha Angelo 2 meses atrás
I love him but It's time for tom cruise to be the CEO of the IMF (impossible mission force)and let jeremy renner do the missions on the field like it was supposed to be from MI4 to MI5. You have nothin' more to prove man. You did it above expectations.
Isabelle Brewer
Isabelle Brewer 2 meses atrás
Ethan taking orders from the president? He's good.
Alpha Angelo
Alpha Angelo 2 meses atrás
Release the full episode plizz
Jgarcia68 2 meses atrás
No shade but this is my first time I understood everything John Bishop said.
Indomitable T
Indomitable T 2 meses atrás
His accent is lessening 😌
Tiffany Carne
Tiffany Carne 2 meses atrás
Anyone else found it funny that Olly Alexander who is in the running for 14th doctor was on the same show as Bishop
Caitlin 2 meses atrás
Lol there's no way Olly Alexander is seriously in the running. The Beeb would never; but if they did I think it would genuinely harm the show. He could maybe be a companion or something, though. He's only 'in the running' because he said he'd like to do it one time.
Nick 2 meses atrás
Tom Cruise for the next doctor!
Nasima B
Nasima B 2 meses atrás
Tom is so lovely! Always takes such an interest in what the other celebrities are saying and asks questions with genuine interest. What a guy.
River Rojas
River Rojas 2 meses atrás
I'm guessing that trying to understand a natural conversation between John and Jodie would be insane, both have very thick accents!!!
Oldie Steffenay
Oldie Steffenay Mês atrás
I'm french and my 1st foreign language is german, I still understand him and I love his accent!
Potter Penguin
Potter Penguin Mês atrás
@ben duggan Well...I was born in Germany and have lived here my whole life and I do actually understand them pretty well. Maybe you'd have to guess some words from the context. But maybe it's just because of the practice I got by watching Broadchurch 😂 I love their accents
River Rojas
River Rojas Mês atrás
@Rayne Michelle probably because they are different human beings
River Rojas
River Rojas Mês atrás
@mojito3003 También soy latina y le entiendo súper bien a ambos, la cosa es que el acento no deja de ser pesado, lo tienen súper, súper marcado!!
mojito3003 Mês atrás
Im from Panama my first language is Spanish, and still i understand Jhon very well...
justlai87 2 meses atrás
The first rule of Doctor Who is: You do not talk about Doctor Who. The second rule of Doctor Who is: You do not talk about Doctor Who.
sam samm
sam samm 2 meses atrás
john bishop is like one of those people you'd just love to have a chat with in a pub lol he'd be such a normal bloke and an absolute laugh ofc
Barbie PR
Barbie PR 2 meses atrás
I love the way he talks, so funny.
Chika 2 meses atrás
John Bishop is just amazing!🤣
Dokka Chapman
Dokka Chapman 2 meses atrás
The fact that Tom Cruise seems genuinely more interested in the going's on of DW than Graham Norton ever has is bewildering to me lol.
Kylie Irvine
Kylie Irvine Mês atrás
I'd guess that he really isn't, but he is always switched on as Tom Cruise.
Steve Mês atrás
@toyguy119 agreed mate , only differance is scientology being a modern invention its easier to counter than the old mythical BS stories
toyguy119 Mês atrás
@Steve you could say that about every religion though, let’s be fair
DoctorFurioso Mês atrás
Say what you will about Tom Cruise (and obs there's lots) but he always seems genuinely interested in other guests on these shows.
bigbenigs Mês atrás
@Rayne Michelle 😂😂😂😂😂
Rishav Bajaj
Rishav Bajaj 2 meses atrás
Richard Ayoade as a Doctor
Establish justice insure domestic tranquility provide for the common defense
Or Miriam Margolyes, as long as we're just listing Graham's favorite guests. She'd be fantastic though. I love all three of these suggestions.
Caitlin 2 meses atrás
No. Maybe to direct an episode, though. That'd be interesting. I swear he's also already said he doesn't want to do it?
Shaun Goldsmith
Shaun Goldsmith 2 meses atrás
Nah, Alan Davies
Amaan Khan
Amaan Khan 2 meses atrás
The tardis would be made out of a cardboard box
feckerse 2 meses atrás
“Cardinal sin” 😂😂😂 nae one for rules then...
Matt Snow
Matt Snow 2 meses atrás
John is a fantastic person funny and warm and so generous with his charity work.
joan nguher
joan nguher 2 meses atrás
John Bishop honestly deserves more recognition cauwe his such an amazing actor and like a really nice person
RedShepard Mês atrás
I know nothing about the guy, but if he does well as the doctors latest companion then he will get more recognition than he will know how to handle thats for sure
Lauraloveswillmoo Mês atrás
@saul duxbury that’s so cool!!
saul duxbury
saul duxbury Mês atrás
Definitely. My girlfriend is a drama student and during lockdown she was staying with me so I was able to be there for the zoom interview that he did and the advice he gave and how he spoke to the students was perfect. He’s such a good guy
Tracey Retzloff
Tracey Retzloff 2 meses atrás
And extremely funny!
Salma Ben Zzine
Salma Ben Zzine 2 meses atrás
he is genuinely kind ❤️
ali ali
ali ali 2 meses atrás
i'm surprised John never made it big in America on some sitcom or show of his own. he would've done well.
Václav Fejt
Václav Fejt Mês atrás
@ali ali I've never had trouble understanding Craig Ferguson* - which is the opposite for John Bishop *) or any other Scot...except for that one gentleman whom I asked for the way from Perth coach station to Perth itself.
Rayne Michelle
Rayne Michelle 2 meses atrás
@ali ali Yeah, but Craig Ferguson didn't get popular until he was on the Drew Carey show, and he used an RP accent instead of his natural Glaswegian accent. But all the years he was on the Late Late Show, he used his normal accent, so I guess you're right.
Mary Rose Kent
Mary Rose Kent 2 meses atrás
Not all of us are rubes.
LuxLisbon 2 meses atrás
@Leiflvr I was just gonna write the same thing! I can understand him, but I don't have a lot of faith in my fellow Americans!
ali ali
ali ali 2 meses atrás
@Leiflvr they understood craig ferguson just fine. besides john's accent isn't as thick as it used to be. he's been easy to understand for a while now.
Amel Aliouane
Amel Aliouane 2 meses atrás
TPausW 2 meses atrás
saimcheeda93 2 meses atrás
John would have made a good Doctor incarnation
saimcheeda93 2 meses atrás
@Jonathan Lawson did you ever watch the show?
Jonathan Lawson
Jonathan Lawson 2 meses atrás
What the proverbial f ..have you ever seen the show ???
s10dlka 2 meses atrás
Yeah exactly! Lots of planets have a North!
Tom Unsworth
Tom Unsworth 2 meses atrás
Where do you think he comes from? ahahahaha
Flora Ng
Flora Ng 2 meses atrás
Now he broke it again-
HollyBlueAgitated 2 meses atrás
John Bishop is one of my favorite people, he's an absolute legend and I'm so excited to see him on Doctor Who at last - I'd initially thought he was gonna be a guest actor in the same vein as Lee Mack, but when I heard he was gonna be a companion (ala Matt Lucas), it was like Christmas to me it's also nice having Felicity Jones on this episode, considering she's _also_ guested on Doctor Who way back in 2008
HollyBlueAgitated 2 meses atrás
@River Rojas she was in "The Unicorn and The Wasp" along with Felicity Kendal who was also a Norton guest this series
River Rojas
River Rojas 2 meses atrás
Felicity in Doctor Who?! I don't remember her!!! Gotta watch the entire show to find her.
HollyBlueAgitated 2 meses atrás
@Soul ASMR a couple years back in the episode "Kerblam!", where he played a character named Dan - which coincidentally is also the name of John Bishop's character
Soul ASMR 2 meses atrás
WHEN was Lee Mack on Dr Who???!?
S1L3NT G4M3R 2 meses atrás
Who else is stuck in the never ending loop of The Graham Norton show 👀
S1L3NT G4M3R 2 meses atrás
@voteDC btw... not sure what you mean... I don't do it for likes or dislikes... but I like it when it bothers pple... you need to learn that you can't control pple... and don't really care about your comments... LOL
S1L3NT G4M3R 2 meses atrás
@voteDC haha... Who else does it... Go look... Its all me...
voteDC 2 meses atrás
Only people who feel the need to post "Who else is stuck in the never ending loop of The Graham Norton show" on every video. It's why I give them a thumbs down to try and break the cycle for them.
04williamsl 2 meses atrás
this was my 6th Graham Norton video of the last 30 minutes or so. Here's to then ext 6... and then ext 6th... all the way until I conk out later tonight
Shazia Rashid
Shazia Rashid 2 meses atrás
Love this beautiful smile 😘 @TomCruise
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