Paul Newman's Valuable Acting Lesson To Tom Cruise | The Graham Norton Show 

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Tom Cruise on the valuable acting lesson he learnt from the late Paul Newman.

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12 Abr 2021



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Moist Dia atrás
Roberto Montanelli
I almost committed suicide when I found out I had herpes virus, I was going through a health blog when I saw how a woman testified of how Dr IGUDIA on BRdesk cured her and I decided to contact him, to my greatest shock he actually cured me and now I test negative
Betty Mooney
Betty Mooney 3 dias atrás
Can't stand Tom cruise, there was a time when I thought he was brilliant, but no more. When his real personality outshines an actor's credibility then it just spoils the magic of the movies he makes..
InverseCorrelation 3 dias atrás
This show has the best interviews and the greatest lineups of stars in one place. Treasure trove of short youtube videos.
kxmode 3 dias atrás
I wonder if Tom Cruise would make a good captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise?
Ready for some Improv
Ready for some Improv 10 dias atrás
The dumb distance does nothing but make people afraid of people
Pat Malloy
Pat Malloy 14 dias atrás
Tom really comes across as just an all around chill dude lol
Largest Classifieds
Largest Classifieds 17 dias atrás
"as a kid, doing jobs, shoveling snow, newspapers, selling cards, door to door, to make money and I like it". Now, that was some kind of foundation training in his early days.
Lesley Dildy
Lesley Dildy 17 dias atrás
The subdued education currently glue because class formerly scold throughout a misty trail. lowly, truculent toad
David Vanmeter
David Vanmeter 19 dias atrás
How to be an actor: Do everything you possibly can to get your best work right off that bat or you are going to be tortured, literally! LOL!!! And so many people question why actors like Tom Cruise get paid such insane amounts of money. Very few people could make it threw some of the things they go through. Pretty impressive indeed.
Ethan's Profile
Ethan's Profile 21 dia atrás
I think without this Pandemic, I would never know who Graham Norton was. Great hosts are fun to watch.
Yaseen 21 dia atrás
Work ethics, definitely 10/10 for Tom cruise !!
Jose Robertson
Jose Robertson 23 dias atrás
The overrated birch metrically smell because hat immunophenotypically mourn athwart a grumpy thomas. first, lacking detail
cp070476 25 dias atrás
Jack Harper Tech49...
hollycat 26 dias atrás
Cruise is VERY close to the leader of Scientology, David Miscavige, who had his own wife killed. Good choice Tom.
javier book shadows contributor du
Tom cruise fan
zdrumdude 28 dias atrás
Another fun fact: Tom Cruise is batshit crazy. Didn’t finish high school. And somehow is smartest man in world!
Yash Tyagi
Yash Tyagi 29 dias atrás
He is Aging Reverse Man.😂💯
VGLV Mês atrás
Ankur Gupta
Ankur Gupta Mês atrás
Paul Newman taught him to dress for the weather.
Joe studly
Joe studly Mês atrás
I can't stand that's mans voice and his laugh is so fake
WiCkYT Mês atrás
i miss the old movies, netflix and streaming services have ruined even worst the movie industry
Ahmet Büyükumman
Ahmet Büyükumman Mês atrás
Viking9 Mês atrás
It is metaphysically impossible for Graham Norton to ask a simple question without pontificating for at least 90% longer than he needs to. It is apparent that the most important person in his life is.....Graham Norton. Dude just loves to hear the sound of his own voice.
FreedomFighter2112 Mês atrás
Is no one going to mention that woman's feet?
Kaz Holder
Kaz Holder Mês atrás
I know this is strange but I think I have this cosmic connection with Tom Cruise and I would ask him how was his first paper round. Did he try a stunt in infants school when he managed to do something to his wrist? His right wrist - some sort of cut? He would have been running at the time. Just putting this out there - it could very well be a bunch of baloney but every once in a while I think we may connect. I am not a stalker or ill I just am curious about dreaming reality into being. OK it wouldn't have been infants school for him as I am 53 so 5 years on, around age 10?
Emma Neiman
Emma Neiman Mês atrás
Tom looks great but you can tell he’s finally showing age. :( his plastic surgery is great tho
Jonathan Lloyd
Jonathan Lloyd Mês atrás
Humble, nice man.
Joaquin Cervantes
Joaquin Cervantes Mês atrás
it's tom cruise he's feeling calm
Dutch Van Helsing
Dutch Van Helsing Mês atrás
Tom cruise is oh so in sincere
Rahul Agarwal
Rahul Agarwal Mês atrás
He was a salesman as a young guy...explains how he is so naturally charming
Nick Baker
Nick Baker Mês atrás
I'm gonna wear a tie again
Luis Gomez
Luis Gomez Mês atrás
That other guy keeps interrupting The Cruise
Tom Ace
Tom Ace Mês atrás
What a pro.
Shane Stevens
Shane Stevens Mês atrás
Graham Norton once said that Tom Cruise is one of the best celebrities he has had on his program. After the show Tom says thankyou to all the staff backstage apparently and remembers their names when thanking them.
Marcus Ulpius Traianus
Those high heel sandals make Felicity Jones very sexy.
Mz weffie
Mz weffie Mês atrás
Tom cruise is a great actor and seems so down to earth. I love his movies. Then I remember he’s a Scientologist 🤔
curio Mês atrás
tom is suddenly looking a bit old
MrPoupard Mês atrás
One of my favourite Cruse movies is Collateral where he plays a scary, cold, ruthless hitman convincingly.
Leoni Ward
Leoni Ward Mês atrás
I love tom cruise 🥰
Leoni Ward
Leoni Ward Mês atrás
@Tom Cruise the real Tom Cruise does not give out personal info!! Stop pretending to be him you weirdo 🤣🤣
Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise Mês atrás
Thank you for your love and support! you're amazing fan! Kindly message me direct on my personal hangout You can also reach me on my personal WhatsApp +1 (561) 465-4518 Indicate your full name for easy access. Thank you
zvonchi Mês atrás
I can' t get over how good Tom looks! Ne is not bloated anymore and looks much younger than his real age.
Maria Colls
Maria Colls Mês atrás
Yes well, what can you say. :)
Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise Mês atrás
Thank you for your love and support! you're amazing fan! Kindly message me direct on my personal hangout You can also reach me on my personal WhatsApp +1 (561) 465-4518 Indicate your full name for easy access. Thank you
ilmah Mês atrás
D Legionnaire
D Legionnaire Mês atrás
Unwavering will i
Unwavering will i Mês atrás
tom cruise is boring. I wonder who broke his brain?
Peaceful Music
Peaceful Music Mês atrás
When Tom was in high school in the 70s, he delivered newspapers in the neighborhood of an acquaintance in Louisville, KY. She remembers him.
nader haidar
nader haidar Mês atrás
tom cruise's eyes screaming, we need some sleep, he needs some good sleep or his heart will shut down suddenly, he is definitely sleep deprived
Jeppe Frolund
Jeppe Frolund Mês atrás
It really annoys me that Tom Cruise is part of a super creepy cult that harasses and bullies and exploits people, because every time we see him in an interview setting, he's engaging, he's funny and he seems like a genuinely pleasant individual. I can't quite get over it.
W H Mês atrás
Thats the human condition - its complicated... mostly not a black and white thing. The human psyche is complex and for all the terrible things that religions ore cults do - they have to be fulfilling some requirement otherwise people wouldn't bother.
joe b
joe b Mês atrás
rip paul neuman
carl morandell
carl morandell Mês atrás
Who is that female actress?
sam hamdan
sam hamdan Mês atrás
that's an attractive woman!!!!
Lynda Kerruish
Lynda Kerruish Mês atrás
Hands Down.. My FAVORITE Late Night Show Ever!.😅😅😅🥰❤
Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise Mês atrás
Thank you for your love and support! you're amazing fan! Kindly message me direct on my personal hangout You can also reach me on my personal WhatsApp +1 (561) 465-4518 Indicate your full name for easy access. Thank you
Lucas Ahuja
Lucas Ahuja Mês atrás
Nice it’s one of my favorite show . Lynda Kerruish . Where are you form?
Sarah Mês atrás
scientology freak. why are we all pretending he isn't a freak?
Mohammad Naziat Alam
Paul Newman was a badass damn
anti hen
anti hen Mês atrás
lol at everyone sitting 8 miles away from one another. what a ridiculous farce
Dan Walrus
Dan Walrus Mês atrás
Cruise is staring showing some age...the world is definely ending
blue33 Mês atrás
Kudos to Norton for making Cruise seem down-to earth and interesting. Cruise should do more interviews like this. It would improve his image of being such an oddball.
john rose
john rose Mês atrás
oh wow, seems really challenging, stressfull situations he has had to deal with. The grind is real
Jarod Mês atrás
Graham Norton is possibly, probably, the best talk show host of all time
Jessica R
Jessica R Mês atrás
Love Tom Cruise Great Actor How Agrees Top Gun Is My Favorite Movie Of Tom Cruise Time 12:56 Date 27 April A Thursday morning
Dr. ArkhamPlays
Dr. ArkhamPlays Mês atrás
Why does the thumbnail remind me of drake and sully from uncharted?
Mike Lightowlers
Mike Lightowlers Mês atrás
What a wonderful guy Tom Cruise is what a genuine guy... remember him in Risky Business even earlier than that ... I'll never get to meet him I wish I'd go and be his wingman any day ( even though I can't fly) x
John Conway
John Conway Mês atrás
He starting to look like retired Dodger star Steve Garvey.
liam celt
liam celt Mês atrás
Cherry Peach
Cherry Peach Mês atrás
Tom going "I understand" listening to a Scottish man LMAO
Shhh Mês atrás
TOM F***KING CRUISE IS THE MAN. I could care less if he's from Xanadu or wherever.
Vyshakh Vathielil
Vyshakh Vathielil Mês atrás
Tom Cruise is a Legend!!!!
David Runion
David Runion Mês atrás
I still want to see a sequel to Color of Money where Tom is now the old hustler mentoring a young hotshot, like Color of Money was effectively the sequel to The Hustler.
Magda Ty
Magda Ty Mês atrás
some comments here sound like poor scientology followers had to leave them otherwise flogging for supper
Magda Ty
Magda Ty Mês atrás
LOL distancing... bunch of clowns questions for him sounds like he wrote them for himself, hey Norton ask me this, and this, other actor interjection - yeah yeah let's get back to me even though my anecdotes are boring, so full of himself, good for him
Sheza58 Mês atrás
These aren't interviews, just friendly chats.
Channel VR
Channel VR Mês atrás
Man i would love to have a conversation over dinner with this guy....and not because he's a famous actor but to listen to his knowledge about everything....Smart man...
Magda Ty
Magda Ty Mês atrás
about wearing warm clothes and not overeating sweets, don't yo mama teach that?!
wannaki rymbai
wannaki rymbai Mês atrás
This guy is 58?
Bruce Mês atrás
Felicity got big.
Robert Schulz
Robert Schulz Mês atrás
I love this show. Can we trade our 3 eunuchs and your mouth breather (Corden) for Graham?
Bella Grace
Bella Grace Mês atrás
I'm probably the only female on the planet that never found Tom Cruise crazy attractive, but I must say he looks better as he ages and wears his lines well. I hope he keeps aging naturally and doesnt do the botox thing to ruin his more distinguished look.
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez Mês atrás
Newman is a good actor, but if it wouldn't have been for Tom in Color of Money, he wouldn't have won the best actor. Newman was past his prime; still cool, but past his prime as far as box office. Cruise had just jumped through the stratosphere after Top Gun & he brought Newman back to the general public.
Tom Cruise his stories !
farbrorknark Mês atrás
Fun fact, Tom is an alien. His mother is one of the greys.
Thorgha Nudha
Thorgha Nudha Mês atrás
We need equality of outcome. So i too can be perceived to be as awesome as the Cruise.
Riccardo Verdeccia Sr
The only exception to the "eating rule" in films is the amazing Steven Segal. In one of his films, he devours an entire Home Town Buffet meal then swiftly picks up a buzzing fly in mid-air with his chopsticks and eats it in the next scene.
Buck Mês atrás
Funny to see Tom Cruise “attempt” to remember “advice” he got from another human far as Tom is concerned the only other human qualified to give Tom Cruise advise is Tom Cruise... or maybe David Miscavige.... maybe...
Jaybird Dee
Jaybird Dee Mês atrás
Blech, he's so utterly pompous. Oy. Ughk. I just can't. This show is all about being unpretentious and vulnerable and fun; and this poor sod just doesn't get it. These are NOT funny stories. These are like Los Angeles dinner party stories--let me pretend to tell you an entertaining story while I'm festooning the air with my prestige and renown.
Morris Muller
Morris Muller Mês atrás
Paul Newman was 60yo in The Color Of Money, Tom Cruise is turning 60 next year.
snappy Mês atrás
I met him at several premieres in Paris and one in London. he is chevalresque! I kissed him twice.
Magda Ty
Magda Ty Mês atrás
that would be mission impossible now for cov reasons, the way they need to sit now, pathetic
M. H.
M. H. Mês atrás
So fawning Graham. Tom is a bore. One name drop after another.
Sean P
Sean P Mês atrás
There not far enough apart.. Globalist Lucifarian puppet distancing, beyond lame.. The bs demonic narrative continues..
Jack Strawb
Jack Strawb Mês atrás
rit lokman
rit lokman Mês atrás
is John Bishop ever not on this show?
aaryan Mês atrás
Venkat Babu
Venkat Babu Mês atrás
Usually the top is cold and the bottom warm. So Tom has to wear coat at the towers and take off. Why do they climb such dizzy heights. Human air circulation.
Sonny Mês atrás
I wish my life lessons had been about not eating too much chocolate cake.
Sonny Mês atrás
@Magda Ty ❤
Magda Ty
Magda Ty Mês atrás
Emilio A
Emilio A Mês atrás
Apart from the fact he thinks an Alien lord created the human race, Tom C looks like a cool guy to talk to.
Demir Oz
Demir Oz Mês atrás
Tom deserves every penny for what he does %100.
Teresa Lynne
Teresa Lynne Mês atrás
What a gracious, grounded person. And Mr. Norton beings out the best because it's such a relaxed atmosphere. LOVE this show.
Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise Mês atrás
Thank you for your love and support! you're amazing fan! Kindly message me direct on my personal hangout You can also reach me on my personal WhatsApp +1 (561) 465-4518 Indicate your full name for easy access. Thank you
Tom Hardy
Tom Hardy Mês atrás
Thanks so much friend
Rolling Ormond
Rolling Ormond Mês atrás
He and Paul were great in Color Of Money; so many lessons about how to avoid being hustled and not end up admiring others talent, just work on your own.
Kathleen Mês atrás
The cake story is similar to Newman’s egg eating story . Lol ... lucky to work with some of the great actors he was
Jean Dupont
Jean Dupont Mês atrás
Were any of Cruise's jokes funny?
Magda Ty
Magda Ty Mês atrás
Only to the very same people who also thinks it's wise of them to sit like guards in a museum.
Pen Muni
Pen Muni Mês atrás
Tom would be a great friend to hang out with... all that superstar, millionaire, handsome thing just got in the way.
J Lee
J Lee Mês atrás
I'm sure Tom is nice to his colleagues, but all I see when I see him are the dozens of Scientology cult members who slave for him 24-hours a day for no money to allow him to do his "thing."
Deepanshu Gupta
Deepanshu Gupta Mês atrás
One thing you can do is stop assuming whatever you said about people slaving for him!
Gloria o. Falkson
Gloria o. Falkson Mês atrás
I don’t know how enslaving people is not a figment of somebody’s imagination!
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