Season 28's BEST Red Chair Stories | The Graham Norton Show Part One 

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Here is part one of the best red chair stories from Season 28!

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21 Abr 2021



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lola brini
lola brini Mês atrás
12:01 "so nothing" ouch🙈🙅🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤣🥸
Mariette Mês atrás
A universal show ❤️
Iyad Naseer
Iyad Naseer Mês atrás
It’s pouring out!
Victory Arceus
Victory Arceus Mês atrás
14:58 🤣
NO ONE Mês atrás
Graham is the only person in the world who can make laugh
Namugalu Iryn
Namugalu Iryn Mês atrás
He might be handsome, we don't know. The guy looks like he is outside the house seriously
Macharmza Mês atrás
Yay, Meghan from South Africa Yay. I too am South African.
I kind of feel bad for the New Year Guy. So excited but never got to say the story
The guy who is responsible for 1000s of Breakups and 100 Divorces is so funny .
Tony England
Tony England Mês atrás
"He might be handsome, we don't know"
sweiland75 Mês atrás
A poppy in April? LOL
CraftyAgenda892 R. Ellis
ANZAC weekend from last week of April 25th. Australian/New Zealand Army Corps at Gallipoli, Turkey during WWI in 1915. This event were Aussie and Kiwi's and esp the UK remembers those who served their country in wars and conflicts. But yeah, it's complicated. Those who fought in WWI were/are still remembered on this day. We had 2 vets in their 100s. One man was 105 and the other 108yo. That's really fascinating but also inspirational.
Mandyhiman Mês atrás
that pubic hair story omg how she explained that after to her family dont know but just imagine\
I Play One On T.V.
I Play One On T.V. Mês atrás
The redhead said, "I was a young girl. I was 25." NO! You're not a young girl at 25-years-old!
Lucy Coakley
Lucy Coakley Mês atrás
I think she said “when I was younger, I was about 25”
Kokiriko Mês atrás
De vrouw van de Belgische ambassadeur valt een klerk in Zuid-Korea aan. Beeldcrash van Belgisch land in Korea. L'épouse de l'ambassadeur de Belgique attaque un commis en Corée du Sud. Crash de l'image du pays belge en Corée. Die Frau des belgischen Botschafters greift einen Angestellten in Südkorea an. Bildabsturz des belgischen Landes in Korea. In South Korea, the wife of the Belgian ambassador assaults a clerk. Belgian country image crash in Korea.
draco. Mês atrás
S.D. Bhartee
S.D. Bhartee Mês atrás
6:23 "Who are you??" - killed me, Graham ! 6:26 "Melissa from ____ field." And 7:26 - the camera stops at the right point.
Frankie Brown
Frankie Brown Mês atrás
“I knew it ! I knew it was gonna be me! I never pay for drinks how dare she ask me for money”
Kevin Berger
Kevin Berger Mês atrás
Plot twist: it WAS her jumper!
pragati sharma
pragati sharma Mês atrás
This is my favourite show. Mr. Graham Norton, please get Tom Hardy once. Please. I don't want to see him in any other show, only yours. I know even he will have a good time with you. He is kinda shy and wary of these shows. Please get TOM HARDY.
Clea Mês atrás
Face first into a Bishop's crotch! 😂😂😂
coolnegative Mês atrás
The gentleman in the red chair who was also dressed mostly in red looks like he could be an Elton John impersonator 😆
Tony Hollerz
Tony Hollerz Mês atrás
I agree. It’s Alan Carr.
mark1138 Mês atrás
poor birthday girl...geesh
Danny Marschall
Danny Marschall Mês atrás
Marianne’s such a Danish dame!
Angelique Felice
Angelique Felice Mês atrás
So...What did the red circles on the map mean?? 👀
CraftyAgenda892 R. Ellis
i kinda thought they were just bathrooms. potty loos haha now i think this might be wrong xD
Julia Caesar Zeppelin
@Spatzenzunge from Berlin or drugs 🤔
Spatzenzunge from Berlin
My guess is spots for hooking up
kay west
kay west Mês atrás
Me too! Haunted morgues? Celebrity hang outs?
Stelladona Confredo Butler
love your outfit!!
Tony England
Tony England Mês atrás
He really went full scale Graham Norton for this episode.
Natasha Nóbrega
Natasha Nóbrega Mês atrás
Graham's reaction when the girl freezes is the best!
Mithcoriel Mês atrás
I couldn't understand the punchline of the first story. What did he say?
Blazorbust Mês atrás
She went up the back of me head, without talking to me. I think the punchline was that he got savagely sheared, but he didn't build it up enough
Ali modz
Ali modz Mês atrás
these guys are a bit more rude than funny
U wot m8
U wot m8 Mês atrás
Awh where's Tom Cruise?
Vuyo N
Vuyo N Mês atrás
Wow! South Africa! I'm in South Africa!
Tony England
Tony England Mês atrás
And you make Cabbage and Pap faster than anyone I know.
sway4everything Mês atrás
Wish we had something comparable state side
Courtney Green
Courtney Green 23 dias atrás
Rebel Raccoon
Rebel Raccoon Mês atrás
Poor Megan.
nic pace
nic pace Mês atrás
i think they should make a GIANT round red sofa so the guests are still safely distanced from one another, it will look fantastic and reminds us of the good old days
Mithcoriel Mês atrás
For a second there, I thought you meant a red sofa that flips, like the chair. So that ALL the guests get knocked back.
Arcky Mês atrás
nah man, i prefer the jedi counsil vibes
Lorraine A
Lorraine A Mês atrás
I love Graham, but sometimes I hate when he flips them. I really want to know the end of the story.
David Bowie
David Bowie Mês atrás
I see what you're doing, Graham Norton channel, putting Emily in the thumbnail to make sure I click this as fast as possible.
Tony England
Tony England Mês atrás
I see what you're doing, David, making me view your channel to see if you've come back to life.
Arya Zade
Arya Zade Mês atrás
I feel so bad for the father in law. All he wanted was some ice cream.
Stat Opre
Stat Opre Mês atrás
but maybe he secretly wanted some "I scream".
Ash_The _Wolf
Ash_The _Wolf Mês atrás
Thanks for uploading!!
HollyBlueAgitated Mês atrás
I'm gonna miss this when the next series starts (if things are remotely back to normal by then), it was a joy seeing all these sacrifices - I mean guests on the red chair
S1L3NT G4M3R Mês atrás
Who else is stuck in the never ending loop of The Graham Norton show 👀
S1L3NT G4M3R Mês atrás
@U wot m8 Who else is stuck in the never ending loop of The Graham Norton show 👀
U wot m8
U wot m8 Mês atrás
no one
Jayant Toleti
Jayant Toleti Mês atrás
im a smple dude....i see Graham and i click......
Tony England
Tony England Mês atrás
Best show on TV.
Stella Mantikou
Stella Mantikou Mês atrás
Vanessa Temoi
Vanessa Temoi Mês atrás
S1L3NT G4M3R Mês atrás
@Travis Jordan haha... no, it's there... Im like the 4th one...
Travis Jordan
Travis Jordan Mês atrás
@S1L3NT G4M3R I was wondering where this comment was. You hid it this time.
S1L3NT G4M3R Mês atrás
Who else is stuck in the never ending loop of The Graham Norton show 👀
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