The Best Moments From Season 28 | The Graham Norton Show Part One 

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Here are some of the best moments from Series 28! Do you have any personal favourites?

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28 Abr 2021



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Comentários 0   
Rolene Hora atrás
I always enjoy watching this show , he has a lot of interesting actors on his shows , I loved them all
inactivated 2 dias atrás
What is Emma corrin wearing, like gurl really tried to think she some
Francis Danial
Francis Danial 3 dias atrás
The deeply wheel considerably appreciate because smile historically sound aside a kindhearted great-grandfather. short, two poland
AyaTheLostOne Adams
AyaTheLostOne Adams 6 dias atrás
Daniel is right just don't ask questions. You just let Hollywood things slide off your back like water off a ducks back. Don't rock the boat....just let it go....your better off......
Sharon T
Sharon T 6 dias atrás
If prince was good at ping pong it’s because he wasn’t much taller than the table
AyaTheLostOne Adams
AyaTheLostOne Adams 6 dias atrás
purplecat733 8 dias atrás
Didn’t this happen in that new girl episode I can’t remember LOL
Golden Eagle
Golden Eagle 9 dias atrás
Calling Prince like you call an animal😦(I get the irony/joke-but NO!). For shame!!!! Luckily 4 this show it was after his death, or it would be no more show!!! RESPECT ✊🏽
Bertie Hunter
Bertie Hunter 10 dias atrás
The busy jump hooghly watch because love accordingly sprout by a poised commission. fluffy, chunky farm
Zahrah Andrews
Zahrah Andrews 11 dias atrás
Daniel not getting invited to his own movie premiere, where he was THE LEAD is astounding to me. 😦
AyaTheLostOne Adams
AyaTheLostOne Adams 6 dias atrás
If you understand Hollywood. It's not that strange. Daniel is a good actor. He is right to let it go. He knows what he's doing.
Hiryu Imajin
Hiryu Imajin 11 dias atrás
I have heard about a lot of stories about Prince from different celebrities and it was always awesome omg. It's like he's letting most of the celebs experience a good time with him and let them tell the tale. Love him so much
Robin Davis
Robin Davis 13 dias atrás
The available leaf spontaneously grip because sunday expectedly multiply pro a terrible knife. funny, aberrant drawbridge
Liam Blondon
Liam Blondon 14 dias atrás
It would have been so good if John Krasinski was also there when Emily Blunt talked about Rusty doing her in just so he could do a Jim Halpert look to the camera
The Real Deal
The Real Deal 14 dias atrás
Spin is super fun!
C M 14 dias atrás
The whole said he plays the didgeridoo isn't that offensive against aborigines?
Ana 15 dias atrás
I'm a simple woman, I see Rege-Jean Page and I click
Knapweed 16 dias atrás
That Mandola is one of the sweetest instruments I've heard.
Nessa Anne
Nessa Anne 16 dias atrás
I knew it was Emily laughing on the thumb nail
The Mighty Sparrow
The Mighty Sparrow 20 dias atrás
I have no idea who half these people are. I think I'm having a mid life crisis.
AyaTheLostOne Adams
AyaTheLostOne Adams 6 dias atrás
Best comment. Maybe it just means, you actually have a life.
Emily K
Emily K 21 dia atrás
On the Michael J. Fox bit I have to say, all this time I thought "SMH" meant "so much hate." Either way it still works 🤣.
AyaTheLostOne Adams
AyaTheLostOne Adams 6 dias atrás
Michael J. Fox is an empath. You still missed it.
Emily K
Emily K 6 dias atrás
@AyaTheLostOne Adams actually I didn't miss the empathetic part of the story and I also own 2 of Michael j. Fox's books so I actually know alot of his empathetic stories. Have you read "Always looking up" yet? I highly recommend it.
AyaTheLostOne Adams
AyaTheLostOne Adams 6 dias atrás
I'm sorry you have totally missed the empathic part of the story....
Andy Cutright
Andy Cutright 21 dia atrás
Can you imagine how much they have spent oh these many years on Graham's gorgeous wardrobe?
veiao foda demais esse ai mete ate hoje com certeza kkkk
Silver Moon Studios
Silver Moon Studios 22 dias atrás
Those sleeves
Magano Iitula
Magano Iitula 22 dias atrás
Daniel is so beautiful 🥰🥰🥰
Russell Thorburn
Russell Thorburn 22 dias atrás
16:30 I could listen to that kind of music all day long.
Chris 25 dias atrás
Prince is not a legend. He is pitiful.
AyaTheLostOne Adams
AyaTheLostOne Adams 6 dias atrás
He's not bad. He was a wayward soul. Have pity for your fellow man. Show kindness to others.
MrCOPYPASTE 25 dias atrás
bodyguard for a room... lol, security?
MrCOPYPASTE 6 dias atrás
@diane shelton And they are called room bodyguards? Seems a little dumb... Why not call them security officers...?
diane shelton
diane shelton 7 dias atrás
Obviously never visited a stately home. Every room has a Fran generally in their 60s just ensuring no one sits on the furniture
A Vikash
A Vikash 27 dias atrás
How cool was Bill Bailey with the mandola? Very.
ToxicBlueberry 29 dias atrás
What language were you speaking before english? Anya: Spanish The moment I fell full in love with Anya Taylor Joy
Ana Luísa Santos
Ana Luísa Santos 29 dias atrás
the guitar in the end of the show looks like the Portuguese Guitar .Believe me you have no idea of the sound of it in Portugal :
just a random lad
just a random lad 29 dias atrás
The Mandola?
Courtney Kile
Courtney Kile Mês atrás
The puffy shake chronically twist because alley connoly reign through a fearful fearless freeze. secret, icy cicada
Anushka Vanjale
Anushka Vanjale Mês atrás
Am I the only one who is reading all the comments in the British accent. Lol
Mike García
Mike García Mês atrás
Worst dress I’ve seen ever…
Alex C
Alex C Mês atrás
Who is the second person
Alani Keiser
Alani Keiser Mês atrás
Tom Hanks has become an irritating actor
Rye Encoke
Rye Encoke Mês atrás
beginning @3:37 who is the actor Graham is talking to and what movie/series are they talking about?
Diana Galvan
Diana Galvan 12 dias atrás
The actor is Regé Jean Page ( spelling) and tv show is Bridgerton :)
Jason Martin
Jason Martin Mês atrás
8:32 That dress belongs in space in the 1850s.
Mary Rose Kent
Mary Rose Kent Mês atrás
Mandolin/Mandola = Violin/Viola
SegaSnatcher Mês atrás
Prince was a weird cat, that is for sure. Serving pancakes after random basketball games, asking Jimmy for a 1:1 ping pong match. He had to have lived the most interesting life.
Rob Ashley
Rob Ashley Mês atrás
So not only was prince good at basketball, he could murder you at ping pong. That man's a G
Lois Graham
Lois Graham Mês atrás
Lol Daniel had a year off and you can TELL he's from ends. Is so funny all the white people saying he was done wrong but shouldn't have had it but POC's deal Wirth this stuff everyday and just like he said its not everyday "be in a place where you don't feel wanted." You'll never feel comfortable being in a place you're fought to get to. I defo think it was an oversight by some radio intern (I can say that cuz I am also a random intern rn) but I would have done the same thing. He should be receiving a massive (preferably monetary) apology tho!
AyaTheLostOne Adams
AyaTheLostOne Adams 6 dias atrás
It's Hollywood. Daniel is a great actor. He's not dumb. He knows how Hollywood works. Just let it go.....yur better off....
FieldSweeper Mês atrás
This talk show seems to be the most genuine one I have ever watched. I always like the conversations and stories.
Vanessa G
Vanessa G Mês atrás
man I love Bill Bailey, what a character!
fatherofchickens Mês atrás
I. LOVE. this show!❤️❤️❤️
melanie latz
melanie latz Mês atrás
C M Mês atrás
sorry who was the last one with the instrument?
just a random lad
just a random lad 29 dias atrás
That's Bill Bailey
kellykempkilroy Mês atrás
The chap that played the Mandola was truly inspiring. Well done mate.🇬🇧🍺
Ethan Travis
Ethan Travis Mês atrás
Tom Hanks with a hat from "That Thing you Do"!
AyaTheLostOne Adams
AyaTheLostOne Adams 6 dias atrás
*cringe* 😬
Devon Herle
Devon Herle Mês atrás
ayo that little demo with the mandola was fireeeeeeee
Jon Mês atrás
Oooh, Bill
Jenny Reiswig
Jenny Reiswig Mês atrás
That little face Jimmy Fallon makes around 1:55 "game point" is so Prince!
Peyman Es
Peyman Es Mês atrás
Finally they changed that small tv behind him lol
MARIANNE Mês atrás
I loved the mandola! Just beautiful.
Denis Pak
Denis Pak Mês atrás
Hey, Jimmy - this is what a proper host should be like.... NOT INTERRUPTING YOUR GUEST!!! Learn from the best, kid
Aiza Curada
Aiza Curada Mês atrás
I love love love love love Michael J. Fox, always have been, even as a little child #mcflyFTW ❤️
M R A Scott
M R A Scott Mês atrás
This program is so tired now, Norton so jaded, he should call it a day. The successful formula has become formulaic and frankly boring.
M R A Scott
M R A Scott 6 dias atrás
@AyaTheLostOne Adams Good advice for anyone who does. I don't.
AyaTheLostOne Adams
AyaTheLostOne Adams 6 dias atrás
Don't watch
The Hardyfan
The Hardyfan Mês atrás
Wdym, it’s still great and with the world being in lockdown for a year there isn’t much to do on there is there
mojo Mês atrás
I love Jimmy Fallon ❤️
Charissa Mês atrás
But brilliant smh comment suggested by the son. Super hilarious due to the fact (for those that don't get it amd went over their heads) 1. He's disappointed in the person and 2. He is literally shaking his head bc he has Parkinson's.
AyaTheLostOne Adams
AyaTheLostOne Adams 6 dias atrás
I'm sorry you missed the whole empathic point to the story.
Charissa Mês atrás
If you weren't invited you need to ask why. You can't just assume you weren't wanted without merit. I also don't think they'd purposely not invite the star of a movie... it would be a PR nightmare. Come on now. He didn't ask bc he wanted to make it seem as if they didn't want him. Smh
AyaTheLostOne Adams
AyaTheLostOne Adams 6 dias atrás
It's Hollywood. Don't lose any sleep over it. I'm sure he's not. He knows how Hollywood is. He a great actor. Just let it go.....
robert b. howse
robert b. howse Mês atrás
Poor Kimmel is alcohol brain damaged, and the bottom dragging for 'guests' is literally bringing up the dead. Hanks is like Dad. We love him, but it's time for the home.
AyaTheLostOne Adams
AyaTheLostOne Adams 6 dias atrás
I don't love him.
Varun choudary J
Varun choudary J Mês atrás
It's The only show Where Celebreties Open about their Personal life
Cortez Delahandre
Cortez Delahandre Mês atrás
Ugh jimmy fallon . What a fake dude. And not funny
Silver Surfer
Silver Surfer Mês atrás
Once you've known the Grahan Norton Show, you never wanna watch american tv EVER again. Guests even enjoy the show! American talkshow are just so painful to watch.
Sabrina Rose
Sabrina Rose Mês atrás
Omg the Irish reel.
1CelloOne Mês atrás
Bridgerton sex scenes can't compare to OUTLANDER! 😁 No contest
chickflikguru Mês atrás
Oscar winner Daniel Kaluuya!!!! Feels good to say.
rosie Mês atrás
Petition to get Conan O'Brien on the Graham Norton show!!! #prettyplease
Arpan Barik
Arpan Barik Mês atrás
Im Really Really Really Favorite Tom Hanks Great Brilliant..............
Karriepink thinks Before Typing Back
Bill Bailey rocks
Ellie Williams
Ellie Williams Mês atrás
Ah. That Prince story was Golden.
AyaTheLostOne Adams
AyaTheLostOne Adams 6 dias atrás
But was it his story?
David Fanai
David Fanai Mês atrás
I 'm no irish but i love the sound of that instrument. I unexpectedly could imagine an Irish old-man's tears rolling down his face listening to this.
Josh Kaid
Josh Kaid Mês atrás
Horses are terrifying.
AyaTheLostOne Adams
AyaTheLostOne Adams 6 dias atrás
That they are....😏 I've owned and broke horses most of my life. They are not for the faint of heart. "How can a man tame a horse, lest he put a bit in it's mouth?" "And in controlling the horses head, you control the whole beast." So is it with a lot of things in life.
Omar Roncal
Omar Roncal Mês atrás
Who is the musician?
Dienia Bennett
Dienia Bennett 29 dias atrás
Bill bailey I believe
Omar Roncal
Omar Roncal Mês atrás
Jimmy Fallon is better as a guest than as a host.
Baby Shark
Baby Shark Mês atrás
The last bit. That music... Nice one. Love it
cheryl schlefendorf
His show has reaffirmed just how much I love British television and movies..sorry..haven't been to a British theater production yet!
-- Mês atrás
Bill was shredding on that Mandola!
-- Mês atrás
15:24 Bill sweeping back his invisible hair
-- Mês atrás
8:10 wtf is she wearing?
The Hardyfan
The Hardyfan Mês atrás
Who tf knows what girl celeb wears, have you seen what lady Gaga wears
Corbin Anthony
Corbin Anthony Mês atrás
Ask your boy!!
Christie Mês atrás
The dancing to Elton John scene was my absolute favorite thus far in The Crown. I started listening to that song on repeat.
classico42 Mês atrás
jfc, she took shoulder pads to 11.
Linda C
Linda C Mês atrás
Ikr!? It's like she's carrying her lunch in those things
Anne Macleod
Anne Macleod Mês atrás
Great end to this show! 🇳🇿🇳🇿🐑🐑🤗🤗
Ty Tn
Ty Tn Mês atrás
LOVED Michael J Fox's son with his advice to his dad to respond to a critic with just the 3 letters "SMH"! I continue to be in awe of MJF's resilience.
AyaTheLostOne Adams
AyaTheLostOne Adams 6 dias atrás
And Michael loved how the commenter was broke & came around & I do too....
Andee P & Company
Andee P & Company Mês atrás
Ok what is the show they are talking about with all the naughty bits?
Andee P & Company
Andee P & Company Mês atrás
@Kimberly Pittman thank you.
Kimberly Pittman
Kimberly Pittman Mês atrás
Bridgerton on Netflix
nerdposer91 Mês atrás
damn.. now I want Conan O'Brien to be interviewd by Graham too
Denir Ferraz
Denir Ferraz Mês atrás
Mister Itchy
Mister Itchy Mês atrás
Jimmy Fallon is lucky he wasn't in the red chair while telling that story.
AyaTheLostOne Adams
AyaTheLostOne Adams 6 dias atrás
malovina 12 dias atrás
@Mary Rose Kent that's ok, to each their own.
Donna Hogan
Donna Hogan Mês atrás
@Lisa Melroy way better!
Mary Rose Kent
Mary Rose Kent Mês atrás
@Lisa Melroy Not too odd, actually-Jimmy Fallon is the most buffoonish talk show host in the history of talk shows, going all the way back to Jack Paar.
Lisa Melroy
Lisa Melroy Mês atrás
Oddly, Questlove tells the story better!
Joseph Berg
Joseph Berg Mês atrás
I'm pretty sure this happened, but I'm also sure Jimmy Fallon is a liar/exaggerator. He tried to do a Charlie Murphy story that is fake, Charlie had real stories
Linda C
Linda C 6 dias atrás
@AyaTheLostOne Adams yes, you can see a better version of it on his show when Prince passed away (I think it's "JF pays tribute to Prince"). Questlove came in near the end of the night and adds his own piece to it.
AyaTheLostOne Adams
AyaTheLostOne Adams 6 dias atrás
Is this really Fallon's story?
Linda C
Linda C Mês atrás
No, it came up in the context of Prince's more Irish than Irish goodbyes
Leia Sophia
Leia Sophia Mês atrás
I'm sorry but her dress sleeves are hideous.
necoragha65 Mês atrás
@Hellothere682 Several women on BBC breakfast, but to each its own.
Hellothere682 Mês atrás
@necoragha65 one person doesn’t represent a whole county lol
necoragha65 Mês atrás
The English are not known for their fashion style. I often think that when watching BBC breakfast. I thought you meant Emily Blunt, but it's probably the one with the black puffed up sleeves.
N H Mês atrás
Thank goodness it's not just me. I thought it was a new style trend I was unaware of.
C M Mês atrás
I love this made my day
Udit Gor
Udit Gor Mês atrás
I've seen the Mandola clip a lot of times, but it manages to excite me and make me wanna dance, everytime.
Cracky Sr
Cracky Sr Mês atrás
I could sit an listen to Bill Bailey for hours
Thorin Hanson
Thorin Hanson Mês atrás I need to learn to play an Mandola
Thomas M-Circo
Thomas M-Circo Mês atrás
What brand hat is tom hanks wearing
AyaTheLostOne Adams
AyaTheLostOne Adams 6 dias atrás
What is he running from? 😏
Larissa Dueck
Larissa Dueck Mês atrás
Wait, Jimmy's story is EXACTLY like an episode of New Girl. Zooey Deschanel plays ping ping with prince and then just disappears
valhoff3 4 dias atrás
Prince played a lot of celeb ping pong?
Severus Snape
Severus Snape Mês atrás
Stolen comment moment?😂
colaboytje Mês atrás
Yep. It made me think of it immediately. I think Sinead O'Connor also told a similar story.
George Harrison
George Harrison Mês atrás
Omg! Prince is the King we never had
George Harrison
George Harrison Mês atrás
That's the best
Johnny Stob
Johnny Stob Mês atrás
Man that clip of Daniel always makes me super sad. He’s laughing it off but I feel like that really bothered him. I know it would’ve bothered me.
AyaTheLostOne Adams
AyaTheLostOne Adams 6 dias atrás
Not in Hollywood. Just let it go. Yur better off. Daniel is a good actor.
Zahrah Andrews
Zahrah Andrews 11 dias atrás
@vidsbyme I think it was for Get Out
vidsbyme 14 dias atrás
What movie was that? I thought he said origin?
paws27 Mês atrás
Yeah, especially when Graham suggests he should say something and he says "Nah, you don't want to go where you aren't welcome". You can tell it was taken personally and rightfully so.
Miguel Quishpe
Miguel Quishpe Mês atrás
I hope Jimmy took notes about how he can manage a talk show...!!!
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