The Best Of The Brit Award Nominees! | The Graham Norton Show 

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12 Mai 2021



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The Grand Beef
The Grand Beef 4 dias atrás
Swift - "like, like, like, like, like....ect"
Rio P
Rio P 5 dias atrás
The concerned girl curiosly crawl because quart extraorally claim by a opposite weasel. puzzling, precious horse
Ohm Chiluka
Ohm Chiluka 7 dias atrás
Auto captions I’m jhope:I’m j hulk I’m RM: I’m alright I’m Jin: I’m Ian
Ohm Chiluka
Ohm Chiluka 7 dias atrás
Auto captions: I’m your host,you’re my home , I’m J-hulk 😂😂😂😂😂😂
themsheadphones 9 dias atrás
Monika Sharma
Monika Sharma 11 dias atrás
I see Harry and Yungblud, I click
Charlie Reynolds
Charlie Reynolds 23 dias atrás
5:51 I was at the London Studios on the day this episode with Harry Styles as a guest was being taped. I got chatting to a girl that was actually attending said taping. I also got my picture taken at the gate where audiences for shows have to queue.
Sarah Packman
Sarah Packman 27 dias atrás
Any pathetic ‘socially distanced’ episodes will be vetoed.
Sarah Packman
Sarah Packman 21 dia atrás
@Chelsey-Ann Stuart Ah! A virtue signaller! No Chelsey, i just will not legitimise, or pander to anyone else legitimising, the ridiculous rules which do not keep anyone "safe". A cursory understanding of viral infection and cross infection would tell you as much. i suggest you turn off the "stupid-box" and read a book.
Chelsey-Ann Stuart
Chelsey-Ann Stuart 22 dias atrás
Do you hate people being safe?
Les Duenas
Les Duenas 28 dias atrás
Swift surprisingly to be on the cover of Rolling Stones when she signs bubble gun songs.
R 29 dias atrás
Unpopular opinion: I do not understand Kpop 😬
TUUK2006 29 dias atrás
I'm out of the loop: Who were the singing strippers at the end?
Birregurra Astronomy
Birregurra Astronomy 29 dias atrás
Oh Mr Norton, a Koala is NOT a bear. It is just a Koala! Admittedly, a common mistake people make.
Bellatrix Gallo
Bellatrix Gallo Mês atrás
I'm a simple girl, okay? I see my little 1D cinnamon roll, Harold, I click
Ophelia Winfrey
Ophelia Winfrey Mês atrás
🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸💜💜💜 #ARMYS
kadeen Cayenne
kadeen Cayenne Mês atrás
Can we talk about the way james mcavoy was looking at Taylor Swift while she's talking 👀❤😂😂
The Grand Beef
The Grand Beef 4 dias atrás
He"s trying to keep track of how many times she says the word, "like."
The Iconic
The Iconic Mês atrás
Confidence like jin
Stacie English
Stacie English Mês atrás
Can you believe that Bruce Springsteen has never had a #1 hit..... WTF WHY THE HELL NOT????? HE AN HIS BAND IS FLIPPING AWESOME SAUCE 💯💯💯
C.J. Forever
C.J. Forever Mês atrás
Michelle Imogu
Michelle Imogu Mês atrás
can someone explain the "fudge" joke?
last tm mt
last tm mt Mês atrás
Best talk show everrrr !!!!
Don’t mind me
Don’t mind me Mês atrás
bts are pretty cringe lol
Lee Jaehyo
Lee Jaehyo Mês atrás
I mean, they are from a different country and a different culture, Korean tv it´s nothing like this so they don´t know how to act, i am a fan myself and sometimes i can feel the cringe lol
Don’t mind me
Don’t mind me Mês atrás
I’ts so akward to watch BTS in interviews like these... I literally CAN’T watch them 😭
V Mês atrás
I have to admit, being from Asia, Graham is the best host I've seen so far. He keeps the conversation going and always makes his guest feel comfortable. Awesome talent!
Margaret Patterson
Margaret Patterson Mês atrás
✨💖✨Love Graham Norton, love his show. He just gives off this sense of absolute delight, he loved his guest. And dang, they have so much fun! I have fun. My husband has fun. We watch, we laugh, and we enjoy. Even when we haven’t the slightest idea who the guest(s) are. "Gasp, what a sweet, delightful young person! Who is it, homey?” Frick if I know.
Angel Fish
Angel Fish Mês atrás
douae Mellouki
douae Mellouki Mês atrás
Bushra Samara
Bushra Samara Mês atrás
‎#Israel_uses_phosphorous_bombs ‎#Palestine ‎#FreePalestine ‎#GazaUnderAttack ‎#IsraelExposed ‎#PalestineWillBeFree ‎#PalestineUnderAttack ‎#Palestineneedsourhelp‏‎
Josh Chieng
Josh Chieng Mês atrás
15:20 Jason Momoa
inspiritbabyvstar Mês atrás
I see BTS, I clicked
Lynette Ray
Lynette Ray Mês atrás
Oh Graham! Everyone is on the same couch now! Are you happy? I'm happy to see that! I know it's all about the vaccines. Aren't you glad we have had the vaccines??????!!!!!!!!
Angry Kittens
Angry Kittens Mês atrás
Dave Grohl continuing to sing with a broken leg is legendary.
Liza 96
Liza 96 Mês atrás
I don't get why people are so mean & triggered about BTS. They're great artists. Just because they're not westerners or look androgynous doesn't mean they're terrible. I'm a 25 year old Malaysian & very proud of their achievements, especially since it's always westerners that seemed to be the relevant people to be famous all over the world. English is not the only language in the world & everybody can have their own favorite artists. I don't mean to offend anybody, but looking at the comment section, I find it heartbreaking because all of this people don't even know them properly & just hating them for no reason. Sorry for my English too, it's not my first language, my grammar probably going all over the place💜
Liza 96
Liza 96 Mês atrás
@AllThingsBTS_ProudA.R.M.Y you're right 💜
Liza 96
Liza 96 Mês atrás
@AllThingsBTS_ProudA.R.M.Y I know that they are a boy band, so there will be screaming fans (not just teenage girls) but all of famous artists have screaming fangirls & what not. When American or British boy bands were famous, people don't seem to care so much & made it looked likeable to everybody. Now, when a non English speaking boy band (only RM speaks English) became famous, suddenly it's wrong to support BTS. FYI, most people from non English speaking country don't even understand or speaks fluent English, but still enjoys American & British musics.
They hate mainly due to ignorance, prejudice and envy
Aryan P Nair
Aryan P Nair Mês atrás
Joe Jonas has a type. If you know you know.
JustineTeeVee Mês atrás
I genuinely don't get the BTS obsession. And if this triggers you.....good
Gabby Mês atrás
They make healing music and are wonderful inspiring people 🙏🏼
Michele Conley Eckert
The 4th k pop guy looks like he stole Mark Walbergs 90’s outfit. Hahaha. They all look like girls. IMO
Lol innit fam
Lol innit fam Mês atrás
Honestly I have never been more deafened than by the screaming when BTS introduced themselves. I dont see why they are so popular honestly
Lee Jaehyo
Lee Jaehyo Mês atrás
You can´t see why someone is popular just by an interview lol, they are popular because of their talent, music and the message that they send. If you all just stop being so prejudiced you´ll see that they are amazing people, with a lot of talent and they try to send a good message and help people through that talent.
Namrata Talukdar
Namrata Talukdar Mês atrás
Doesn't really matter what your opinion is. They're the biggest band in the world and they don't need you.
Stephen B
Stephen B Mês atrás
Overrated pampered BTS pish.
Josh Chieng
Josh Chieng Mês atrás
15:36 their Voice are Beautiful 😍😍😍😍
Josh Chieng
Josh Chieng Mês atrás
15:20 😂😂😂😂
Josh Chieng
Josh Chieng Mês atrás
14:56 WOAH How?????
Josh Chieng
Josh Chieng Mês atrás
Little Mix Wow
Josh Chieng
Josh Chieng Mês atrás
1:52 he's stammering
Josh Chieng
Josh Chieng Mês atrás
14:50 that's John Cena !!!!!
Josh Chieng
Josh Chieng Mês atrás
14:51 Ohhh they're a Couple...... that's Sweet
Josh Chieng
Josh Chieng Mês atrás
13:23 WOAH That's Miley Cyrus !!!!!
Josh Chieng
Josh Chieng Mês atrás
13:08 OMG
Josh Chieng
Josh Chieng Mês atrás
10:22 what did he said?? Thank for what??
Roedor Mês atrás
Does anybody know the name of the last 4 girls?? I must hear more of them asap!
Indomitable T
Indomitable T Mês atrás
Little Mix😌
Josh Chieng
Josh Chieng Mês atrás
9:34 He's Sweating definitely
Josh Chieng
Josh Chieng Mês atrás
7:44 she's literally there 😂😂😂😂
Roedor Mês atrás
barack o-bloody-bama
Josh Chieng
Josh Chieng Mês atrás
7:34 Woahhhh...... Steve Carell is Soooo Old
Josh Chieng
Josh Chieng Mês atrás
7:02 - 7:04 what??
Josh Chieng
Josh Chieng Mês atrás
6:49 😂😂😂
Josh Chieng
Josh Chieng Mês atrás
6:37 - 6:39 what did he say??
Josh Chieng
Josh Chieng Mês atrás
6:30 Wth.....
Josh Chieng
Josh Chieng Mês atrás
6:17 his Saliva.....
Josh Chieng
Josh Chieng Mês atrás
5:21 that's 3
Josh Chieng
Josh Chieng Mês atrás
2:37 what did she said??
Szabolcs Csizmadia
Szabolcs Csizmadia Mês atrás
"In the attic?"
Anja Mês atrás
I’m a simple women. I was a obsessed-with-a-band teenager. Man what annoying creatures we are... It’s ok, girls ... most of us were there too... I get it
Elena ssi
Elena ssi Mês atrás
What's so annoying about being passionate for an artist? Also, I was never the teenager to be obsessed with bands but here I am in my 30s cheering for BTS 😌
Dayna Morris
Dayna Morris Mês atrás
Bruce Springsteen has more guitars than I can count in that room
JC Mês atrás
Then you should start school again from day one 😉
Joseff Nic
Joseff Nic Mês atrás
why are they screaming so much
Sarika Menon
Sarika Menon Mês atrás
Wow I forgot about this Jamie Dornan x BTS moment and now I can’t stop imagining him as a member 😭😭😭
Amy B
Amy B Mês atrás
You need bts again, they were so fun with Whoopi
Conor Macgregor
Conor Macgregor Mês atrás
I’m sorry but I have no idea who half of these people are 😅😂😅😂
29 Fathimath Usaima
Anybody else here because you saw bts on the thumbnail 😂😂
Cody Ash
Cody Ash Mês atrás
BTS is beyond cringe. Gtfoh 🙄🤦🏻‍♂️
life goes on
life goes on Mês atrás
Ooh jimin
life goes on
life goes on Mês atrás
life goes on
life goes on Mês atrás
life goes on
life goes on Mês atrás
im kurdish army ilove bts ilike songs bts
Taniya Mês atrás
we need bts back on Graham
Burentsu Mês atrás
Remember when Graham had studio audiences and a big couch? Pepperidge farm remembers.
Ceara Ryan
Ceara Ryan Mês atrás
now we must make do with virtual audiences and some guests on video, but thankfully, Graham Norton still puts on a great show almost every week...Series 28, Episode 25 coming soon.
Here for BTS 💜
Rachel Roow
Rachel Roow Mês atrás
The 'where is camera' always gets me, it's so funny! And jungkook actually trying to help by pointing to where it is too. It just describes them both so perfectly!
Zara v
Zara v Mês atrás
Saw graham notif clicked right away, BTS being on it was a bonus🥰
cobra5275 Mês atrás
i started tearing up seeing little mix sing together like that
Comedic Sociopathy
Comedic Sociopathy Mês atrás
Dave Grohl is just the coolest dude. ❤
Drew Adams
Drew Adams Mês atrás
Thank you for all of your work.
Chelsea Necole
Chelsea Necole Mês atrás
One thing about me, if it says Graham Norton I am going to be watching it
Lachlan Chester
Lachlan Chester Mês atrás
bts fans are intolerable
Anthony Algorithm
Anthony Algorithm Mês atrás
"It comes with a poster" ... sigh, I was lucky I lived through the golden age
Sakshi Gothwal
Sakshi Gothwal Mês atrás
I am not army but I love when he say i am your hope , you're my hope , I am J HOPE💕 Btw I'm Directioner 😎💛
Sakshi Gothwal
Sakshi Gothwal 15 dias atrás
@Veerle Loerakker 🤣🤣🤣Loved it
Veerle Loerakker
Veerle Loerakker 29 dias atrás
I’m not army but the first time I heard it, I thought he said: I am your hoe, you’re my hoe, I am J hoe 😂😂😂 pls don’t come for me
Sakshi Gothwal
Sakshi Gothwal Mês atrás
@Taniya Ok sure 💜 Btw Niall Horan new song coming out on the same date 💕
Taniya Mês atrás
bts' new single "butter" is coming out on 21st May! check it out, maybe you'll become an army!
Happy Girl
Happy Girl Mês atrás
Anna Ruppel
Anna Ruppel Mês atrás
I miss you graham 🥰
it's orange
it's orange Mês atrás
Hy guys guess what. Did anyone ever thought that every celebrity show has to be late night.? 🤔🌃
Senan Collins
Senan Collins Mês atrás
BTS look stunning but they're so cringy, though they seem like lovely guys
@Senan Collins no, I don't have the energy going around been negative about artists lol that is not kissing an artist feet that is called been a decent person
Senan Collins
Senan Collins Mês atrás
@SINIESTRA lol maybe you have something negative to say about my favorite artists, that's great because that's an opinion, you're not gonna kiss the feet of Little Mix simply because I like them so why should I do the same for BTS? 😅
@Senan Collins wow smh
Senan Collins
Senan Collins Mês atrás
@Eman Khashan agreed, he seems like a douche
Eman Khashan
Eman Khashan Mês atrás
I don't really know them but "the leader" triggers me so much.. he acts like he's better and cooler since he knows English or something..
Josh Chieng
Josh Chieng Mês atrás
1:41 who's talking?? it's V but his lips isn't moving
Josh Chieng
Josh Chieng Mês atrás
@coolhellu Ooooo
coolhellu Mês atrás
It's Jamie Dornan, not V. They have similar voices
George Chiqovani
George Chiqovani Mês atrás
light is blinding my eyes through their makeup :D
Josh Chieng
Josh Chieng Mês atrás
Henrik Wenne
Henrik Wenne Mês atrás
I really missed the Boy Band boat
Get on the BTS boat 💜
Comedic Sociopathy
Comedic Sociopathy Mês atrás
Oh well, it was huge in the 90s, died, has a revival now and will die again. So you'll have another chance in a few years, I guess. 😂
Ashisha Mol Benny
Ashisha Mol Benny Mês atrás
I was fast as thunder when I saw BTS on the thumbnail💜
Erika Díaz
Erika Díaz Mês atrás
Harry Styles it's funny 6:19
Miru Enthusiast
Miru Enthusiast Mês atrás
Yesssss last but certainly not least my history makers, Little Mix, look at them singing on spot, no preparation needed 💖-💖
Jack Coogan
Jack Coogan Mês atrás
Man BTS fans are disgusting
MillEdits Mês atrás
ok but imagine a bts x yungblud collab!!!
Josh Chieng
Josh Chieng Mês atrás
Jamin Shanti
Jamin Shanti Mês atrás
And the Golden Globe goes to... Oh wait. #cancelled
Trudy Harris
Trudy Harris Mês atrás
Worst President we’ve ever had! You act like he’s a saint! Lol
Angelina B.
Angelina B. Mês atrás
I see Taylor, I click
Angelina B.
Angelina B. Mês atrás
Only thing that got me throught the pandemic: re watching old Graham Norton Show videos I have seen 13 times already
Angelina B.
Angelina B. 25 dias atrás
@DM87™️ it's because of Taylor Swift😂 her favourite number is 13
z2010able Mês atrás
Me too!
DM87™️ Mês atrás
13 come on catch up 🤣
Cindy R
Cindy R Mês atrás
Me too!
Josh Chieng
Josh Chieng Mês atrás
Graham nortan show is becoming indian Bollywood rally 😂😂😂
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