The Nerdiest Moments On The Graham Norton Show | Part Two 

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MORE of the nerdiest moments on the red sofa! What were your favourites?

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2 Jun 2021



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Frank J. P. Segura
Basil Eldho
Basil Eldho 8 dias atrás
"You've never made me cupcakes"
Noor Fahad
Noor Fahad 9 dias atrás
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Walt Locke
Walt Locke 10 dias atrás
Oh my God I love Tennant's reaction to Matt Smith's doppelganger 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Катерина Лемешинская
For God’s sake it’s Anakin’s saber not Luke’s 😩
Nina Ajmal
Nina Ajmal 10 dias atrás
The episode with micheal, james and hugh is so iconic, no matter what video we're watching, we always end up with a part of it
Hiryu Imajin
Hiryu Imajin 11 dias atrás
Mark Ruffalo's mishaps were the best marketing marvel have ever done lol
SN negi
SN negi 11 dias atrás
That...Excuse me though..🥳🤟🏻
신영미 11 dias atrás
The aboriginal question concordantly grease because theory unprecedentedly stain about a wary reward. quack, toothsome hygienic
Elaine Wilson
Elaine Wilson 12 dias atrás
"It's so long. It's not like the one on set. It's longer." "Is it?" "Yes, it is." Gets me every time.
Rebekah Spears
Rebekah Spears 10 dias atrás
The he turns around and smiles almost makes me think he set Graham up for that punch line.
Willem P
Willem P 12 dias atrás
We want more....
Ariel anonymous
Ariel anonymous 12 dias atrás
Why did david Tennant have a briad down his back. Did he grow that? Extensions?was it real? what film was this for?
Windy Hawthorn
Windy Hawthorn 12 dias atrás
He was doing a Shakespeare play on the stage. I think it was Hamlet.
JustMe 12 dias atrás
Dear Mr Norton, if you are reading this, I have been a huge fan of your show for years. There is no one who can compete with you in any way. You give every superstar and every viewer such an incredible feeling of "I feel at home here" that it's indescribable to explain. A thank you from me to you, you are a fabulous person and have given me so many happy moments for years
Shehin Shaji
Shehin Shaji 12 dias atrás
10:51 cute reaction
Ashley Bell
Ashley Bell 12 dias atrás
Rylee chen
Rylee chen 13 dias atrás
The tall captain problematically warn because propane ignificantly drop of a rigid flax. drunk, beautiful height
Joenel Saracho
Joenel Saracho 13 dias atrás
Magneto and profesor x and wolverine
epiphanyjin 13 dias atrás
mcavoy’s softly said ”don’t do this” in between the fanarts sends me everytime
Aditya Ganti
Aditya Ganti 13 dias atrás
So smooth at the end, damn.
Zara ox0
Zara ox0 13 dias atrás
After finding out james was pregnant with twins 😂😂💀
valhoff3 13 dias atrás
Mark Ruffalo is just the best!
Monday Sho
Monday Sho 13 dias atrás
Still can't get over David's ponytail
C W 13 dias atrás
12:45 🎣
LetsBeClear 14 dias atrás
That guys is a legit super fan
Sam Primera
Sam Primera 14 dias atrás
Where he's bent over baking McAvoy looks like Judd Nelson in Saint Elmo's Fire lol.
Erin Cromer
Erin Cromer 14 dias atrás
My foot hurts from stomping in laughter at "If anybody's giving"
stonefacedmedusa 14 dias atrás
3:45 his mom and Matt have some ‘splaining to do
f 14 dias atrás
Always waiting for new updates!
ciborg25 14 dias atrás
I was expecting the clip of Peter Capaldi cringing on being expose as a massive whovian xD
Aashay Nandoskar
Aashay Nandoskar 14 dias atrás
Too early to find some interesting insightful comments and great timestamps. Btw. Can anyone help me decipher what James said about Harvey Weinstein just before the reading of fanfics at 9:40
BluntLikeASpoon 14 dias atrás
"Has Harvey Weinstein optioned them [the fanfics] for a movie?"
KMMARA41 14 dias atrás
Something about “Weinstein optioned him for a movie”
Brutus M.
Brutus M. 14 dias atrás
More commercials next time. Five in 13 minutes just wasn’t enough.
J B 11 dias atrás
Use a blocker or pay for premium
Rehnuma Tabassum
Rehnuma Tabassum 14 dias atrás
Best show ever
Ran Tk
Ran Tk 14 dias atrás
Do you have any clips that we haven't seen yet? I challenge the uploader to find any. We've seen them all and yet we don't mind seeing them again and again. 😅🤣
Nick Braet
Nick Braet 14 dias atrás
When Craig Ferguson was still on, he was my favorite host. Now it's Graham Norton. Brilliant host and very funny guy.
unrulyjulie 11 dias atrás
He was terrific, I really miss seeing him.
subcon959 13 dias atrás
Craig did amazingly well for the constraints he was under. Imagine if his show had this much freedom.
Iron Fan
Iron Fan 14 dias atrás
Hugh Jackman could read me the phone book and I'd be happy. 😍 #FavoriteActor
Caba Roig Costa Blanca
Caba Roig Costa Blanca 14 dias atrás
Oh Graham, I so love you, and Bundee is a 🦁, yeah yeah yeah 💪
Wietske 14 dias atrás
If I ever become famous (aka never), I would only want to do The Graham Norton Show.
Suq Maddiq
Suq Maddiq 13 dias atrás
@Wietske No problem :)
Wietske 13 dias atrás
@Suq Maddiq Thanks for the education.
Suq Maddiq
Suq Maddiq 13 dias atrás
@Arun Subramanya Not how they work as an acronym but in modern slang usage, it denotes "read" or "that is to say".
Wietske 13 dias atrás
@Arun Subramanya English isn't my first language, give me a break.
Arun Subramanya
Arun Subramanya 14 dias atrás
That's not how AKAs work
Andrea V
Andrea V 14 dias atrás
This show and these clips have been a Godsend during the pandemic. It feels good to laugh amidst the heaviness of the last year. Thanks Graham Norton :)
Drew Adams
Drew Adams 14 dias atrás
Thank you for all the joy and laughter you bring during Covid , you are a gift to us all
Anurita Chakraborty
Anurita Chakraborty 14 dias atrás
Why would someone even dislike Graham Norton Show's videos? I mean..... There's nothing to dislike..... Everything's absolutely hilarious and wonderful!
Jen H
Jen H 14 dias atrás
Celebs, get a little bit pre drunk before they see Graham... Then when they see Graham they get full blown wasted
Verosha Abeygoonewardena
It’s been waaaaay too long since I watched clips from the James, Michael, Hugh episode
Lisa Müller
Lisa Müller 14 dias atrás
me too. especially the dancing parts & fanfiction reading xD
Zhilubbae 14 dias atrás
I hope that one day I'll be on this show, its on my bucket list.
KMMARA41 14 dias atrás
My secret (no more) dream
Duchess XO
Duchess XO 14 dias atrás
Carrie 🥰🥰
Neil Reynard
Neil Reynard 14 dias atrás
It's all sound with the big bang crowd!
King Zande
King Zande 14 dias atrás
"I'm married to the Dalek". Still a great comeback.
PyroSquirrel 13 dias atrás
@N R i know he was just stating a fact but in the context of the conversation it was a comeback, even if it was unintentional
Yoolo swag
Yoolo swag 13 dias atrás
no its not
N R 13 dias atrás
@PyroSquirrel it wasn’t a comeback, he meant he is married to the girl dressed as a dalek before him
peter wright
peter wright 13 dias atrás
@PyroSquirrel *than
diego nascimento
diego nascimento 14 dias atrás
the best comeback
Tales de Mileto
Tales de Mileto 14 dias atrás
Marc Rufollo it's so funny 😝😝😝😝😝
Kanzah Maktoum
Kanzah Maktoum 14 dias atrás
this show is my lifeline at the moment
Bluecat4033 14 dias atrás
Christine Mathew
Christine Mathew 14 dias atrás
Best show I have ever seen
Vitória Vasconcelos
Vitória Vasconcelos 14 dias atrás
Amazing skksksks
Kay-DC 14 dias atrás
Best humour comes from Graham Norton
S1L3NT G4M3R 14 dias atrás
Who else is stuck in the never ending loop of The Graham Norton show 👀
Amalia P.
Amalia P. 14 dias atrás
Right just when I needed it
7amasa 2009
7amasa 2009 14 dias atrás
Jack Messent
Jack Messent 14 dias atrás
The Graham Norton Show is always very entertaining!
Zach Bowe
Zach Bowe 14 dias atrás
Maiara e Maraisa - Chá de Cama
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