Tom Cruise's Insane Training For Top Gun | The Graham Norton Show 

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Tom Cruise on training for the first Top Gun.

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16 Abr 2021



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Rain 17 horas atrás
Tom Cruise's Charm is Eternal.
Ben Sona
Ben Sona 22 horas atrás
Nobody cares about your action training Tom. Try attending a acting class now and then.
lyaa mkh.
lyaa mkh. Dia atrás
he's not aging
Pearl M
Pearl M 5 dias atrás
Guess what....Tom Cruise IS SuperMan!
Abhishek Jothirajan
Abhishek Jothirajan 7 dias atrás
Tom is so cool man
B Blutarsky
B Blutarsky 9 dias atrás
You could literally have typed 1,000 different things after Tom Cruise's Insane...because that's one crazy cult leader.
Kilo Mintoni
Kilo Mintoni 10 dias atrás This is seriously funny.
Micheal Scoot
Micheal Scoot 15 dias atrás
Now I get it if you train at 100G you become super saiyan
곽수정 18 dias atrás
Devanshi Shah
Devanshi Shah 19 dias atrás
It took a pandemic for Graham to upgrade his TV
Yash Tyagi
Yash Tyagi Mês atrás
When Forbes Say That He is Still One Handsome Mens Of The world. Me:- Definitely.🌟
Aditi A.Sanjay
Aditi A.Sanjay Mês atrás
Tom Cruise is always out there, supporting others and asking them about their experiences instead of just asserting how great his stunts are. He really is a true artist.
play your tune
play your tune Mês atrás
he is on testosterone and probably stem cell injections
Neil Ritchie
Neil Ritchie Mês atrás
Top Gun is up there with the best of the best.... movies.
Sandy Krisch
Sandy Krisch Mês atrás
Riley Krisch the next Tom cruise
R8 OWNERS UK Mês atrás
You'd think someone with his "Science" connection would know that masks don't stop viruses and the Coronabollox is a scam.
Henrrimatisse Mês atrás
I know he has daughters and sons but I want to see Tom’s bio son’s a kinda waste genetically
38 Siddharth Nagar
38 Siddharth Nagar Mês atrás
Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and Jodie Foster have some sort of anti-aging blessing, all three are same age, almost 60 and show no signs of aging
Bonafidity Bonafidity
tom has dozens of sea org scientologists that run every part of his life.....they work 130 hrs eat beans and rice 3o to a room....make 40 bucks a week that they give back to tom as gifts.....these slaves are put on welfare when they get old and tax payers flit the going clear on hbo to see the real tom....scilons vet his girlfriends making them have dental/surgery then he dumps them for not understanding scientology......after this his goons collected all the gifts/letters /pictures they took together......he is an abusive pig
Dhanush Balakrishna
Me when I see Tom cruise : Geez.
bozo the clown
bozo the clown Mês atrás
Maverick and Jyn Erso just chilling telling stories about their fighter crafts
Silver Roger
Silver Roger Mês atrás
Her look 1:11
Mathieu Norry
Mathieu Norry Mês atrás
Folks as impressive as Tom's flying skills are (he's a certified pilot), he's at no point flying any fighter worth 50 million dollars. Fighter pilots train for years to be able to fly these planes, the US Navy did not allow him fly the super hornet seen in the movie, Cruise is purely a passenger relying on editing to make it look like he's flying.
HILL Mês atrás
I pulled 2.5 Gs when I crashed my Fiat Punto 1.2 into my neighbours greenhouse.
Tony Jordan
Tony Jordan Mês atrás
Nine and a half G's in an F-14, I don't think so. He would have blacked out at six plus and been unconscious by seven and a half. He doesn't even have the terms right, you don't "Hit" G's you "pull" them. I'd like to know just which "aerobatic" helicopter he flies.
TangledThorns Mês atrás
I like Tom Cruise more as he gets older.
CharlesThaDancer Mês atrás
This guy is a real life superhero
Soap Academy
Soap Academy Mês atrás
How many G’s did Oprah feel? 🤔
P O W E R - R E D - B U L L
Few people can receive compliments so shamelessly as Tom Cruise
It’s amazing what plastic surgery
Senate Shakya
Senate Shakya Mês atrás
Hell I can imagine Tom being 70 and still returning for a Top Gun Prequel (he may not be the protagonist in it but an supporting actor for a young protege pilot) but still coz the best never rest!
David Rojas
David Rojas Mês atrás
Brucey Bog-trotter
Brucey Bog-trotter Mês atrás
Tom Cruise is the man
LizzieTSCJ Mês atrás
It's easy to see why he's the #2 in a worldwide cult, he is the very definition of a narcissist, he subtly makes remarks like the Top Gun producers "wanted me so much" and "not everyone can do this"...he makes every second of this interview about himself but he makes eye contact with everyone so people are mesmerized…yuck.
SJ S Mês atrás
Top Gun was such a gay movie. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that) Tons of gay references throughout.
Fernanda Ornelas
Fernanda Ornelas Mês atrás
Legendary Tom ! Great Tom, great actor , simply one of the best, ever. He is mad, ok...but I love him. Tom´s Fan club since 1986...yes, since Top Gun.
Six Mês atrás
Funner fact : Tom Cruise can move objects with his mind.
Unknown I
Unknown I Mês atrás
That's a superhero right there
Roman de Caesar
Roman de Caesar Mês atrás
Memo to Tom: you weren't pulling 9gs. Maybe 6...possibly 7...but not 9gs Tom.
Dawn Rose
Dawn Rose Mês atrás
He he still into that crazy scientology, god I pray he isn't. Such a good actor but I was so shocked he was into that garbage for such a smart man!
Vespertili Kildem
Vespertili Kildem Mês atrás
This looks like a CLONE of Tom. Mmh. Is that Felicity Jones? Oh my gosh, she's so lovely. For ALL of you smartasses saying Graham looks older than Tom, you people realize that Tom CLEARLY dyes his hair, right? I mean, nothing wrong with that, but just realize it.
Ale Vera
Ale Vera Mês atrás
I know Tom is an exceptional human being, but 9.5 G... I seriously doubt it. Namely, I doubt the fact that Navy pilots would have put a civilian, let alone such a famous civilian, through that risk...
Seraffimo Spang
Seraffimo Spang Mês atrás
I would be willing to test him As an upper, non chalant scientologist. Im like a "oh I just passed a scientology church" type of scientologist.
Carbage Man
Carbage Man Mês atrás
The CCP persecutes Falun Gong, and forced Maverick to take Taiwan and Japan off the jacket, but somehow they're good with Scientology? I won't be watching.
etme1000 Mês atrás
only the first three words from the title
mary johnson
mary johnson Mês atrás
I would like to watch this book seems you have Tom Cruise on there I decline
konnuli Mês atrás
First time seeing him ageing. Nice to see that he's in fact as mortal as the rest of us but gorgeous as always. And his social skills and manners, just immaculate and super pleasant.
정연준 Mês atrás
tom. 브라더, 최고.
Jon Mês atrás
9.5 G's in the Navy F-14? Hmmm ... thought they were manually limited to 7.5 G's ... or thereabouts.
LL Bell
LL Bell Mês atrás
Tom Cruise is a SOLID MAN 😍
L Nicole
L Nicole Mês atrás
That's not even Tom Cruise. That is a body double. The real Tom is gone.
Dark Friday
Dark Friday Mês atrás
He isn't flying the F-14 nor the F-18!!!! They both have a backseat!!!!!
Arlo Mês atrás
Bishop non-funny, zero wit comedian. Like a mechanic who doesn't know how an engine works.
Hey Man
Hey Man Mês atrás
Tom cruise is real life Bruce Wayne.
Le labo d'analyses musicales.
Sorry for asking guys but who is the other male character on the set near Graham Norton? An actor I guess, but don't know him. Thanks a lot!
Mr Jeff
Mr Jeff Mês atrás
Why does he get to go on TV and pretend like he's not part of cult that stalks its former members?
snappy Mês atrás
So I heard Tom Cruise is 58 years old ...
Music 4MySoul
Music 4MySoul Mês atrás
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Most Guitars Wins
Most Guitars Wins Mês atrás
I have a lot of respect for Cruise. He takes his roles seriously and he challenges himself. It would be interesting to know more about how he trained his body to sustain high G forces when flying.
Linard Obrigado.
Linard Obrigado. Mês atrás
Milhas olha cara
Alwin Benjamin
Alwin Benjamin Mês atrás
icy31 Mês atrás
Oh Tom you crazy fool....GET OUT PLEASE!!
Johannes Hockerup
Johannes Hockerup Mês atrás
Geez! Or should I say ... G's ...
- Algerino -
- Algerino - Mês atrás
This guy is the craziest major actor living on earth.... And he has testicules bigger than watermelon
Dhiren Patel
Dhiren Patel Mês atrás
I dont know why but I feel, Tom cruise and Shahrukh Khan have the same vibe. They are highly similar
M. H.
M. H. Mês atrás
Tom Cruise is such a bore. It’s all about him. Bla bla bla. There have been so many interviews about the film. Release it already, let it speak for itself and shut up.
Dubacharla Gyaneshwar
Tom is always at his top form
Angela Towey
Angela Towey Mês atrás
Tom cruise no green screen my kind of movie😂
Margaret El Fashny
Margaret El Fashny Mês atrás
I wonder what Tom's favourite sandwich is.... A super sandwich
Scarlett Grey
Scarlett Grey Mês atrás
I will tell you right now that the only way Tom Cruise pulled 9.5 g's is if he went through centrifuge training. I don't think so. Even experienced fighter pilots don't hit 9.5. 9 maybe, but that's about as far as they go. I've experience 6.9 in an F16 and that's all they allow for non-pilots. Anything over 7 requires 3 months of pilot training. It's a great story, but embellished, to be sure.
NSW Moto X
NSW Moto X Mês atrás
tom 'face mask' cruise.......
I am worried about this man.
Tom Cruise And Mpg
Tom Cruise And Mpg Mês atrás
Does he ever age? In conclusion, no.
Diana Pillasagua
Diana Pillasagua Mês atrás
Is he Goku training?
Redford music
Redford music Mês atrás
Can we all acknowledge that how they are sitting apart is completely bonkers? Can we stop this covid nonsense once and for all people? Come on. Ignoring the facts make you look stupid. There, I said it.
Haden J-Robbins
Haden J-Robbins Mês atrás
He needs to get some training about the merits of not being involved with cults.
Peter Wickendon
Peter Wickendon Mês atrás
Just don't get him started on his Scientology
Mr Gentleman
Mr Gentleman Mês atrás
You have movie stars, and then you have Tom Cruise!✨👍🏼
A Williams
A Williams Mês atrás
Ah man Tom Tom Tom. You just look at him and he makes you just want to scream yes at life!! Why can’t there be more celebs like him. Forget all the craziness and the Scientology stuff! You can tell he just wants you to do the best Version of you!
Francis Conrad
Francis Conrad Mês atrás
1:22 Tom Cruise's face isn't shown ... because it's where some scouser tries to tell him he's been to a non existent space station
marli torres
marli torres Mês atrás
Meu ator favorito 😍👏🇧🇷🌟amo os filmes ❤️ dele ,não vi todos 💗 o top.gun vi tinha 22 anos ,agora aguardo o top gun 2 🇧🇷 meus 54 quero muito ver parabéns Tom Cruise 😚🌟❤️
benjibaker -
benjibaker - Mês atrás
Eddie Warren
Eddie Warren Mês atrás
Tom is always doing somthing new and braging
Kornél Horváth
Kornél Horváth Mês atrás
Keep your distance. 🖕🙄
WinWe9 _81
WinWe9 _81 Mês atrás
Still waiting for top gun 2 and MI 7 😊
Buisang Ndlozi
Buisang Ndlozi Mês atrás
58 years of age! This Mapother guy is something else!
Rob Card
Rob Card Mês atrás
i downvote 2 minute clickbait.
Bob Evans
Bob Evans Mês atrás
Can tom cruise do stunt like arm wrestler levan saginashvili or devon larratt and win?
C T Mês atrás
Tom Cruise does it all 👍
Mythos Mês atrás
9.5G? Haven't heard over 8G in a Tomcat and Cruise was pulling 9.5?
Greg Maupin
Greg Maupin Mês atrás
Sorry Tom the F-18 is relegated to 7 1/2 Gs anything past that the plane has to go to maintenance.
alan power
alan power Mês atrás
Despite all the scientology stuff that still myths me I have to say the guy is amazing.
Santhosh Kumar
Santhosh Kumar Mês atrás
G for gravity...!!!
Diana A
Diana A Mês atrás
Tom ageing very gracefully
Rida Mês atrás
Tom Cruise is a LEGEND!!
Lalit Sonkaria
Lalit Sonkaria Mês atrás
Episode release date?
TesGon Mês atrás
If you look closely you can baaaarelly see Tom is NOT human....
Achyutha Krishna Koneti
Getting in there is quite intense... That's what she said!
Ringsha 9
Ringsha 9 Mês atrás
I think Tom will die from doing one of his own stunts while filming and he would be perfectly happy to go out that way. He definitely lives life to the fullest!
Jesusisking Mês atrás
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Ed Sheeran - Bad Habits - 25th June
Ed Sheeran - Bad Habits - 25th June